The New Deal

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The Social Secruity Administration faces new challenges in the twenty-first century because

c. these are a greater number of retirees in the system.

How did the Supreme Court frustrate Roosevelt’s New Deal legislation?

a. by declaring parts of it unconstitutional

How did the Second New Deal create a way for workers to exercise their rights in the workplace?

a. through the passages of the 1935 National Labor Relations Act

Why did many conservatives disagree with New Deal economic policies?

a. Conservatives believed in balanced budgets, low taxes, and less regulation by the federal government.

Why did President Roosevelt need to create a Second New Deal?

c. The economy continued to struggle with high unemployment rates and widespread poverty.

Unlike liberal critics of Roosevelt’s New Deal, conservative critics

c. thought New Deal programs expanded government too much.

President Franklin Roosevelt’s judicial reform bill would have allowed him to

c. appoint as many as six additional Supreme Court justices.

Which of the following would have most likely occurred if Franklin Roosevelt’s judicial reform bill had become law?

a. It would have concentrated power in the executive branch of the government.

What precedents set by the New Deal have been put into play during periods of recession?

a. Financial aid has been supplied to the jobless.

Which of the following oversaw the Federal One project in the 1930s?

d. the Works Progress Administration

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