The Muckrakers

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Which of these writers helped bring about the breakup of the Standard Oil monopoly?

Ida Tarbell

A muckraker was a reporter who wrote

about corruption and crime in industry and government.

Which of these is an example of muckraking disguised as a work of fiction?

The Octopus by Frank Norris

Which of these was a corrupt business practice that Frank Norris exposed in The Octopus?

railroad companies selling land to farmers and secretly keeping legal ownership of the land

Jacob Riis’s How the Other Half Lives shocked the American public with its use of

powerful photographs depicting conditions in city slums.

In How the Other Half Lives, Jacob Riis exposed

the harsh living conditions in New York City slums

How did Ida Tarbell help end the Standard Oil monopoly?

She wrote a series of articles exposing the corruption of Standard Oil.

Which aspect of Upton Sinclair’s life best explains his reasons for writing The Jungle?

his socialist politics

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