The Movement III- Painting

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How are the emotional aspects of the fresco above expressed?

through the expressions on the faces OR through the odd pose, the scale of the piece, as well as the contrasting colors?

What was Tintoretto’s painting goal in The Last Supper?

to combine Titian’s color with Michelangelo’s drawing

Why is the painting above considered a hallmark of 16th century painting?

The architectural details, vibrant and vivid colors, theatrical and realistic.

What was Bronzino’s real name?

Agnolo di Cosimo.

Why was the painting above so controversial?

The heads of the Inquisition felt it was offensive, unfocused, and blasphemous.

What is Mannerism?

A style from the 16th century that suggested elegance, self-awareness, and sometimes artificial grace.

Who is the artist of the piece above?


Mannerism has been interpreted as an artistic expression of the unsettled _______ and ___________ conditions in Europe.

political; religious

What artist painted the image below?


All of the following encompass the style of Mannerism except _________.

Using simplistic subjects.

The portrait below showcases Bronzino’s ability to use formal effect with his choice of ________ and setting yet conveys the ________ demeanor of the subject.

costume; haughty

The artist that painted the image below became_______________________.

court painter for the Medici family

What are some of the inconsistencies depicted in Entombment? (above)

Some of the figures are pressed into the foreground, while others seem to levitate.

Which of the following is the primary characteristic of Mannerism?

All of the above (intricate compositions, sophisticated elegant features, fearless manipulations or distortions of formal conventions)

What is the main focus of Mannerism?


Which of the following is NOT characteristic of a Mannerist painting?

Albrecht Durer "Melencolia"

What is the name of the painting below?

Madonna with the Long Neck

Who is the artist and what is the title of the piece above?

Pontormo, "Entombment"

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