The Masters II- Raphael

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What Master’s influence can be seen in The Small Cowper Madonna? (above)

Leonardo da Vinci (by Raphael though)

What is Plato’s gesture in School Of Athens, and what is meant by it?

He points up to heaven, signifying that everything is a reflection of Forms that reside in heaven.

What is the mood in Disputa?

Solemn and majestic

According to the lecture explanation of the painting Pope Leo X with Cardinals, what clues explain to the viewer the type of mood in the painting?

Both A and B (the angry looks on their faces and no one in the painting is looking at each other)

What Renaissance technique does Raphael use in School of Athens? (below)


What does ‘tromp l’oeil arch’ mean?

‘Fool the eye’ arch

What is the mood of the painting Pope Leo X with Cardinals?

Uneasy, tense

What style of portraiture that Raphael uses in The Small Cowper Madonna was likely influenced by Leonardo? (above)

Vanishing point and orthogonals (?)

Who are some of the characters identified in the fresco below?

All of the above (names common to the Christian faith – Jesus, Mary, John the Baptist, and many other saints, Raphael himself, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Plato and Aristotle)

Which of the following of Raphael?s work makes a reference to a time era known as the Golden Age?
Which of the following of Raphael’s work makes a reference to a time era known as the Golden Age?

‘School of Athens’

How does the painting Pope Leo X with Cardinals reflect the high prestige of the papacy?

The Pope is dressed in magnificent clothing.

How does School of Athens (below) demonstrate classical revival?

It depicts many influential figures of the Greek and Roman times.

What is happening in the scene below the heavens in Disputa?

The popes, bishops, and philosophers are anxious and are awaiting a union.

Which of the following statements about Raphael’s work is true?

Near the end of his life, he had many assistants to help him, which produced uneven work.

In which painting did Raphael use a ‘trompe l’oeil’ arch?

School of Athens

What does The Small Cowper Madonna (above) demonstrate about Raphael?

his technical skills and style from his teacher Perugino

Pope Leo X was successor to which of these popes?

Pope Julius II

Why is it so easy to denote the tense mood of Pope Leo X with Cardinals?

None of the figures are looking at each other. The choice of colors and the darkened background suggest an uneasy mood.

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