The Great Gatsby Chapter 3

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How often does Gatsby hold parties at his mansion?

Every weekend

Who did Nick receive an invitation from?

Gatsby’s chauffer

What separated Nick from the other party guests?

Nick was actually invited. Everyone else came uninvited.

How did people react when Nick asked them where Gatsby was?

They stared at him in "such an amazed way."

What did the two girls in the yellow dresses first say to Jordan Baker?

They were sorry she didn’t win the golf tournament.

Where did one of the girls in the yellow dress first meet Jordan Baker?

She met her last time she went to one of Gatsby’s parties.

What are some rumors about Gatsby?

-He killed a man (first girl in yellow dress) -He was a German spy during the war (Lucille) -He was in the American army during the war (first girl) -He was an Oxford man (Jordan)

What did Owl Eyes say about Gatsby’s books?

They were real books.

How did the man (Gatsby) remember Nick?

Nick was in the Third Division of the war, and Gatsby was in the Seventh Infantry.

What did Gatsby’s smile show?

He understood just as much as one wanted to be understood.

Does Jordan like large parties or small parties? Why?

Jordan likes large parties so she can have privacy.

What were women doing from being drunk?

They were fighting with men said to be their husbands.

What did Jordan say after she spoke to Gatsby?

She told Nick she just "heard the most amazing thing."

What happened to Owl Eyes’ car?

Someone else drove it into a ditch.

What did Nick mostly do on a daily basis?

He worked

Why did Nick stop having affairs with that girl in Jersey City?

The girl’s brother didn’t like it

What happened when Nick and Jordan were on a house party together up in Warwick?

"She left a borrowed car out in the rain with the top down, and then lied about it."

How else was Jordan "incurably dishonest?"

She cheated in a golf tournament.

Why does Jordan like Nick?

She thinks Nick is careless.

What is Nick’s cardinal virtue?

"I am one of the few honest people that I have ever known."

How does Nick feel about Jordan despite her dishonesty?

He feels attracted to her

What did Nick initially imagine Gatsby to look like?

Rosy, husky, middle-aged

Why does Nick begin to see Jordan Baker regularly?

He was curious about her.

What did Gatsby and Nick plan to do the next day?

They planned to go up in the hydroplane at 9:00.

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