The Fourteenth Amendment

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Which amendment resulted in the incorporation of the Bill of Rights?

the Fourteenth Amendment

The enforcement clause of the Fourteenth Amendment states that Congress has the authority to

make laws to apply the amendment.

In order to extend the civil rights of slaves after the Civil War, the United States

banned slavery with the Thirteenth Amendment and created new protections with the Fourteenth Amendment.

Which issue did the Supreme Court answer in the case of Duncan v. Louisiana?

whether the Sixth Amendment guarantee of a jury trial applies to the states

The Fourteenth Amendment made the Constitution superior to state law because

the First Amendment applied to state law through incorporation.

Why were some framers in favor of incorporating the Bill of Rights?

because then the Bill of Rights would cover both state and federal law

At the time it was written, this clause originally applied to

federal law only.

The citizenship clause of the Fourteenth Amendment says a naturalized person

must have the same rights to become a citizen as someone born in the US.

The practice of selective incorporation means that the Bill of Rights will

sometimes be applied to the states by the court.

United States Constitution.

No state shall make or enforce any law which shall [take away] the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States.

This Fourteenth Amendment clause is about

equal protection under the law.

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