The Enlightenment

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Which term is synonymous with "natural rights," according to Enlightenment philosophers?

universal rights

_______________supported the Enlightenment idea that people are naturally selfish.

Thomas Hobbes

Locke argued that all humans are born with what natural rights?

a. life, liberty, property

What did the philosophers of the Enlightenment seek to understand?

b. the natural rights governing human behavior and society

John Locke believed that natural rights

c. do not come from the government.

John Locke thought that people were neither good nor bad innately. How did Hobbes’s views differ from those of Locke’s?

a. Hobbes thought people were innately violent.

John Locke helped develop the idea of a social contract between citizens and the


Which factors contributed to the beginning of the Enlightenment movement? Check all that apply.

the age of science and scientific inquiry the age of reason-based inquiry the advancement in all areas of human interest

How did the Enlightenment’s theories of government view the role of government?

d. as useful

Read the quote from Immanuel Kant.

Have the bravery to use your own reason! – that sums up the meaning of enlightenment.

According to the quote, the Enlightenment encourages people to ___________ for themselves.


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