The Economic Impact of Slavery quiz

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How did the practice of using enslaved workers support the Southern economy?

Enslaved workers harvested crops on plantations, which helped the South’s agriculture-based economy.

Which of the following was the most important cash crop in the South in the 1800s?


In the 1800s, many white Southerners followed the Southern Code

because enslaved workers did work that was not considered "ladylike" or "gentlemanly."

During the Industrial Revolution, how did innovations in technology affect the use of enslaved workers in the United States?

Innovations in agricultural technology increased cotton production, meaning Southern plantations needed more enslaved workers.

Which statement best explains how the invention of corporations contributed to the economy in the 1800s?

Corporations allowed investment without risk of personal property, fueling the growth of new businesses.

In the early and mid-1800s, how did the economies of the Northern and Southern states compare?

The North was industrialized, while the South was more agricultural.

How did the cotton gin impact the growth and harvesting of cotton?

It separated the seeds from the cotton plant quickly

In the North, new technologies resulted in the growth of an economy based on


How were Southern plantations able to meet the demand for more cotton in the 1800s?

by increasing the number of enslaved workers and using the cotton gin

In the North, the increasing need for labor was provided mainly by

immigrants and women.

The first textile factory workers in the United States were predominantly

young woman

Which of the following is an example of paternalism in the nineteenth century?

the belief that Southern slave owners took care of enslaved workers

In what way was the South a paternalistic society during the days of slavery?

Slave owners believed they helped enslaved people by providing food, shelter, and clothing while relieving them of responsibility.

During the Industrial Revolution in the American South,

about a quarter of Southerners had enslaved workers.

What new technology made cotton "king" in the South in the 1800s?

The cotton gin

By 1840, how much cotton did the United States produce annually as a result of changes in technology?

about 1.3 million bales

How did the invention of the cotton gin in 1793 affect the use of slave labor in the South?

Because the cotton gin processed cotton so quickly, farmers needed increasing numbers of enslaved workers.

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