The Cold War

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After World War II, why did the USSR want to control in Eastern Europe?

d. The USSR needed to protect its borders from future attacks.

Under the Truman Doctrine, the United States became committed to helping countries that were

a. fighting a Communist takeover.

Look at the map below.
During the Cold War, which country controlled the shaded nations?

b. the Soviet Union

Read the passage.

According to the passage, what were George C. Marshall’s military contributions during World War II? Check all that apply.

He served as chief of staff of the US Army. He helped train US soldiers and airmen in modern warfare. He used and helped advance modern weaponry.

The Truman Doctrine and the containment policy were designed to

b. stop Communism

What best describes the governments of the United States and the Soviet Union after World War II?

d. The United States had a democratic system, and the Soviet Union had a single-party system.

After World War II, Stalin said that the Soviet Union needed a "buffer zone" to protect it from attack. This idea resulted in the USSR expanding its control into

d. Eastern Europe

How did the Soviet Union’s system of government help to create conflict with the United States after World War II?

a. The Soviet system of government did not allow its people to choose their own leaders, which the United States thought was wrong.

How was the United States’ policy of containment related to the Marshall Plan?

d. The United States believed that the economic aid provided by the Marshall Plan would help contain the spread of Communism.

Which of the following best describes the United States’ policy of containment following World War II?

d. The United States would use economic and military measures to prevent the spread of Communism.

The formation of the United Nations was a response to

a. the post-war desire for international cooperation.

Which part of the United Nations is most responsible for keeping peace and solving disputes between countries?

c. the Security Council

During the Cold War, how were the policy of containment and the domino theory related?

d. The United States thought that if Communism could not be contained, then countries would fall to Communism like dominoes.

The ____________ line that separated Communist countries from free countries in Europe was called "the Iron Curtain"


Read the passage.

According to the passage, what were George C. Marshall’s nonmilitary contributions after World War II? Check all that apply.

He assisted in developing NATO, which helped Western Europe rebuild after the war. He created the Marshall Plan, which provided economic support for war-turn regions. He helped stop the spread of communism in Western Europe.

The United Nations was established so that it could resolve conflicts between nations by

c. imposing sanctions.

How many nations were originally involved in the creation of the United Nations?

b. 46

Why did Stalin want to create a "buffer zone"?

b. to protect the USSR’s western border from another invasion

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