The Clinton Administration

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Serbia signed the Dayton Accords in 1996, however

fighting later resumed in Serbia in 1998.

Which was an effect of ethnic cleansing by Bosnian Serbs in the 1990s?

Muslims were forced out of Bosnia.

As a result of US and international involvement in the conflict in Bosnia,

Serbia signed a peace agreement

How did President Clinton’s economic plan affect the federal budget in 1999?

It had a surplus.

What led to domestic terrorism during President Clinton’s administration?

a belief that government was taking away people’s civil liberties

Gun control measures passed by President Clinton

required background checks to buy guns.

What happened after President Clinton sent peacekeeping troops to Somalia in 1993?

Somalia’s government remained unstable.

Why did President Clinton apologize while touring Rwanda in 1998?

The United States had failed to intervene in Rwanda when Tutsi people were killed.

Because of President Clinton’s stand on Haiti,

Haitian military powers agreed to step aside.

Which best describes the US economy in 1998 during President Clinton’s second term?

The federal budget was balanced.

As a result of US and international involvement in the conflict in Bosnia

Serbia signed a peace agreement

Which statement best describes the Defense of Marriage Act of 1996?

It recognized only marriages between a man and woman

An idea of president clinton’s for improving the economy was

running the country more like a business

What was one of President Clinton’s primary domestic goals?

Reforming health care

What angered some Americans about the way President Clinton balanced the federal budget?

He raised taxes

In order to end the recession in the early 1990s, President Clinton

deceased government spending

How did President Clinton react when military leaders in Haiti overthrew President Aristide?

he threatened to invade if Aristide was not returned to power

How did some Americans respond to government policies enacted during the 1990s?

They joined anti-government groups.

One of President Clinton’s early strategies for improving the economy was

increasing taxes

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