The Civil War At Home Quiz (90%)

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Generals George McClellan and Robert E. Lee both

had past military education and experience.

During the Civil War, women in both the South and North served as


Which statement best compares the Union and Confederate armies at the beginning of the Civil War?

The Confederate army had stronger leadership than the Union army.

Why was General George McClellan’s leadership a disadvantage for the North during the Civil War?

He was too cautious.

Which statement best describes Union efforts to pay for the Civil War?


Low-paid workers responded to the Union draft of 1863 by

staging a riot in New York City.

During the Civil War, rising inflation in the North meant that

the cost of food and other items skyrocketed.

How did the attitudes of Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis compare as the Union and the Confederacy prepared for war?

Lincoln did not want war but would fight to keep the Union, while Davis was ready for war and ordered the first attack.

During the Civil War, the South’s use of enslaved labor gave it

a way to keep plantations running.

The Civil War inspired a number of enslaved people to

work as spies for the Union.

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