The Carter’s presidency

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The actions of the Federal Reserve during Carter’s term resulted in

American struggling to pay higher home and car interest rates

Because Somoza Can use to improve his human rights policies in the 1970s

Do United States fused to get involved when the socialists Sandinistas overthrew the Nicaraguan regime

Which of the following did carter do to feee the hostage in Iran ?

Carter refused to but Iranian oil

Between which two countries did Carter want to establish peace

Israel and Egypt

US economy 1970’s-80’s

Fewer jobs and lower wages gave Americans fewer resources

Stagflation in the us economy of the 1970s resulted in

Slow economic growth

What was the outcome of Carter’s meeting at. Camp David in 1978

Egypt and Israel signed a peace treaty

What causes relations to deteriorate between the United States and the Soviet Union in 1979

Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan to help it’s communist government

What was the effect of Carter’s attempts to free the hostages in Iran

All of Carter’s attempt failed

Which of the following is true of Iran in 1970s

ayatollah khomeini Took control in 1979

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