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Alien and Sedition Acts

Legislation which gave the president power to deport any alien he deemed dangerous

Anti-Federalist Party

One of the first two American political parties; it wanted a weak central government

central government

The federal power of the government

Constitutional Convention

Gathering for the purpose of creating a Constitution which would frame the laws for running the U.S.

Era of Good Feelings

A period from 1816-1824 where there was only one political party: the Democrat-Republicans


A group that may not be in agreement with the general direction of the larger population

Federalist Party

One of the first two American political parties; it wanted a strong central government

loose construction

Interpretation of the Constitution allowing the federal government powers not specifically denied it.


Arrangement or groundwork laid to establish a program.

strict construction

Interpretation of the Constitution limiting the Federal government to the powers in the document


Executive branch of the American government; as in "the Clinton administration"

Ballot box

The container into which votes are put


A person who desires a position in a political office


People of a region who elected a representative; the representative is answerable to these people. Also, the region itself.


A country with a one-party leader who is in complete control; usually one who is unfair.


A type of person who will staunchly campaign or vote for only one political party.

political parties

A group of people organized with a governmental agenda in mind.


A political plan of action


Pertaining to Canada; regional or territorial

representative democracies

Democracy where the people elect representatives to act as their agents in making laws.

Third parties play a highly important role in the:

Strengthening the two major parties

_____-party systems are most common in the English-speaking countries of the world


The two major political parties in Great Britain are the:

Conservative & Labor

A person running for political office is called a:


Voters in a district who elect a public servant are known as a(n):


The two major political parties in Canada are the:

Alliance & Liberal

Which political party controlled the South from 1861 to the early 1960s?


What party do the large cities tend to support?


Dictatorships are most commonly found in which two places?

communist countries & fascist countries

What is a coalition?

a temporary alliance of political parties

1. People of a certain region who elected a representative to whom the representative is answerable.
2. a type of person who will staunchly campaign or vote for only one political party.
3. a political plan of action
4. the executive branch of the American government; particularly used in relation to the office-holder
5. a political party’s assembly, usually for the purpose of presenting a candidate
6. a democracy where the people elect representatives to act as their agents.

1- constituency 2- partisan 3- program 4- administration 5- convention 6- representative democracy

The two major American political parties are:

Democrat & Republican

Select three democratic presidents:

Kennedy Carter & Jackson

Many times a political party is accused of _____ if it appears they put their party’s agenda ahead of the good of the people.

partisan policies

The Anti-Federalists believed in a _____ interpretation of the Constitution.


The ____ believed in a loose construction of the Constitution


The Anti-Federalist would limit the Federal government strictly to:

the powers the constitution delegated to it

The ____ believed that the Federal government should possess all powers not specifically denied to it


The only two Democrats to serve as President from 1860 to 1916 were:

Cleveland & Wilson

The Democrats won all the elections from 1828-1860 except in

The Democrats won all the election from 1818-1860 except in

1840 and 1848

Select the two true statements about the Democrat Party.

The Democratic party won considerable political strength during the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln was a Democrat

The Democrats fought bitterly at times over:
-banking policies
-slavery issues
-tariff rates
– all of the above

all of the above

The Democrats blamed the Republicans for the Stock Market crash of 1929.


The Democratic split was so severe during the 1860 elections that:

they ran two candidates for the presidency


In a national election, a candidate won the vote in a particular state.


A person who does not hold an office but who is trying to unseat an incumbent.


To yield or surrender, to admit or acknowledge

economic unrest

An uneasiness due to the lack of stability in the financial market.


A person who currently holds an office

landslide defeat

Losing by a large margin in an election.


Having the large number in a house of Congress, assuring strong voting power.


A public shame or disgrace brought about by illegal or unethical actions

stock market crash of 1929

Financial panic where the market lost so much power that many people lost their fortune in days.

Whig Party

A party formed mainly to fight the Democratic Party and Andrew Jackson; formed in the 1830’s

The Republicans won fourteen of the eighteen presidential elections held between 1860 and 1928.


Starting with Dwight D. Eisenhower, the Republican Party was in office from 1952 through 1972.


Select the five Republican presidents:

William Howard Taft Theodore Roosevelt Ulysses S. Grant Dwight D. Eisenhower Ronald Reagan

Republican Ronal Reagan won the 1980 presidential election.


The Republican Party began as a series of anti-slavery political meetings held in the Midwest in 1854


The Republicans controlled the House of Representatives, but not the Senate in 1948.


Abraham Lincoln was the Republican president during the Civil War.


The Republican Party appealed to groups such as farmers, industrialists, and merchants.


Match the following definitions with your vocabulary words.
1- having larder numbers in the house of congress, assuring strong voting power in decisions of legislation
2- losing by a sizable margin in an election
3- a person who currently holds an office
4- a person who doesn’t hold an office but who is trying to unseat an incumbent

1- majorities 2- landslide defeat 3- incumbent 4- challenger

William Howard Taft led a divided Republican Party in 1912.


The Bull Moose Party was formed by Theodore Roosevelt in 1912.


John C. Fremont was the first Republican presidential candidate to win the office in 1856.


The Populist Party of the 1890’s was an example of a party formed chiefly to help a ____

A specific group of people

The Prohibition Party was founded in 1869 solely for the purpose of preventing the manufacturer and sale of alcoholic beverages in the United States. The Prohibition Party is an example of____

a party that has only one goal.

The ____ Libertarian way is logically consistent approach to politics based on the moral principle of self-ownership


The party formed by Texas billionaires Ross Perot 1990s was this party:

Reform Party

Three of the parties that began by splitting away from the two major political parties include the:

Roosevelt Progressives Liberal Republicans Dixiecrats

Four examples of left-wing protest groups include:

Socialist Labor Party Communist Party U.S.A. Democratic Socialists of America Socialist Workers’ Party

This party stands for prevention-oriented government, conflict-free politics, and proven solutions designed to bring national life into harmony with natural law:

Natural Law Party

This party is an example of a single-issue party:


The left-wing protest party that was formed in 1919 was the:

American Communist Party

Debt-ridden farmers founded these two parties in the late 1800s:

Populists Greenback

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