The ability to do work

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What is work?

A transfer of energy

What is energy?

The ability to do work

What is kinetic energy?

The energy of motion

What is potential energy?

Energy that is stored as a result of position or shape

What is gravitational potential energy?

Potential energy that depends upon an object’s height

What is the equation for G.P.E?

What is elastic potential energy?

The potential energy of an object that is stretched or compressed

What are the forms of energy?

Mechanical, thermal,chemical, electrical, electromagnetic, nuclear energy

What is mechanical energy?

The energy associated with the the motion and position of everyday objects

What is thermal energy?

The total potential and kinetic energy related to the motion of all the micro

What is chemical energy?

The energy can do work

What is electrical energy?

The energy associated with electric charges

What is electromagnetic energy?

A form of energy that travels through space in the form of waves

What is nuclear energy?

The energy stored in atomic nuclei

How can you conversion energy?

From one form to another

what is energy conversion?

The process of changing energy from one form to another

what is the law of conservation of energy?

Energy can not be created or destroyed

what is the formula of conservation of mechanical energy?

(KE + PE)beginning = (KE + PE) end

what is einstein’s equation?


how are roller coasters made?

A roller coaster is a train powered by gravity.

What are nonrenewable energy resources?

Exist in limited quantities and,once used cannot be replaced except over the course of million of years

what are renewable energy resource?

Can be replaced in a relatively short period of time

what is hydroelectric energy?

Energy obtained from flowing water

what is solar energy?

Sunlight that is converted into usable energy

what is geothermal energy?

Thermal energy beneath earth’s surface

what is biomass energy?

The chemical energy stored in living things

what is a example of biomass?

burning wood

what is hydrogen fuel cell?

generates electricity by reacting hydrogen with oxygen

what is an example of hydrogen fuel cell?

water using electricity from solar cells

what is a example of kinetic energy?

a wind turbine

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