THE 101 Foster-Chapter 7 Terms

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Historically, traditional drama began when

Spoken drama was introduced into shamanistic rites

Rome’s greatest contribution to the theatre was

Their architecture of the theatre space

The word Kabuki

Originally derives from Kabuku, meaning "tiliting" or "askew", and refers to a style of behavior that might today be called "hip" or "punk".

The central creed of the Romantic theatre was


The Dithyramb was

An ancient, drunken, dance-chant fertility ritual that celebrated the birth of the wine god.

The most comprehensive and detailed theatrical treatise of the ancient world, detailing analyses of dramatic texts, the theatre building, acting, staging, music, and even theatre-company organization is

The Sanskrit Natyasastra, or "treatise on theatre" (begun in the second century A.D.)

The ancient Greek god of fertility, wine, agriculture, and sexuality was


What theatre type is a highly ceremonial musical and dance drama, of which the 240 texts produced today were written by members of a single family five hundred years ago, and whose lines were designed to be sung rather than spoken?


One popular playwright during the Renaissance was

Ben Jonson

Ancient Egypt’s "Abydos Passion Play" and other texts of that time employed plot elements that indicate they derived from

ancient reenactments of the coming of spring and celebration of rebirth

Which of the following is true of theatre in Asia?

A diverse tradition exists in Asian theatre.

The liturgical trope Quem Quaeritis

Celebrates the visit of the 3 Mary’s to the tomb of the crucified Christ

The medieval era describes the period of history

between the fall of Rome and the coming of the Renaissance

All of the following authors wrote for royal theatres EXCEPT


The Renaissance was characterized by which of the following?

A renewed interest in classical (Greek and Roman) civilization.

Playwrights of the Romantic era include all of the following EXCEPT

Pedro Calderon

A mansion is

A temporarily crafted stage piece that was set up in a public square and then moved about from day to day.

Which of the following can NOT be said of Shakespeare?

He wrote only for the court of Elizabeth I.

Which drama, whose names means "story play" originated in rural villages in the province of Kerala in the 17th century and is based on any of thousands of stories from two great Indian epics, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata?


Performers in Chinese opera are adept at singing, speech, acting, and acrobatics.


The primary foundations of theatre are ritual and dancing


Medieval mystery plays were performed only in Latin


Elizabeth I was part of what is known as the Royal era, often inviting William Congreve to produce plays at the royal residence.


Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides are the 3 masters of Greek tragedy


The royal era was characterized by the aristocracy’s support of public theatres, such as the Globe theatre


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