Texas Govt – Quiz 5

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What do interest groups want from policy makers?

They want policy that is beneficial for their groups.

The largest and most effective public employee interest group in Texas is made up of


Which of the following is NOT a common way for interest groups to gain access to politicians and policy makers?

running for office themselves

One important way for interest groups to gain access to those in Texas government is to employ ________ as lobbyists.

former legislators and government officials

Texas has ________ laws dealing with lobbying by former government officials.


________ was the former Texas Speaker of the House who was indicted for taking an illegal gift from a law firm that specialized in collecting delinquent taxes for local governments.

Gib Lewis

The Texas Medical Association is best described as what kind of interest group?


One of the most influential professional groups in Austin is the

Texas Medical Association.

Which of the following is the best example of a public interest group?

Common Cause

Which political action committees spend the least amount of money in Texas elections?

labor unions

A private group that raises and distributes funds for use in election campaigns is called a(n)

political action committee.

Battleground Texas is the latest attempt by the Democratic Party to do all of the following EXCEPT

identify potential candidates.

Texas trial lawyers frequently ally with

consumer interest groups.

Most political action committee spending in Texas represents


As in the U.S. Congress, most campaign contributions in Texas go to


On average, incumbents in the Texas House of Representatives are able to fund-raise ________ challengers.

twice as much as

What is the function of EMILY’s List?

It provides early campaign funding for female candidates

Individuals are most likely to successfully lobby government when they

are not challenged by powerful, organized interest groups

What are the top two reasons Texans give for NOT voting?

busy/conflict with work and not interested/vote does not matter

Interest groups in Texas are NOT allowed to run paid advertisements in the media.


To avoid conflicts of interest, all lobbyists in Texas are required to represent only a single client.


Texans Advocating for Meaningful Student Assessment enabled people to join together and seek policy change in a number of ways EXCEPT by

successfully removing the end-of-year course exams.

Which of the following is NOT a description of an interest group?

It is typically active only at the national level of government.

Interest groups are often powerful in states

dominated by one party.

Unlike private citizens involved in politics, better-funded interest groups have several advantages EXCEPT

media access.

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