Texas GOVT 2306 Chapter Five

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Most court cases in Texas deal with

controversies between individuals.

Why does the U.S. have a dual court system?

the federal system of government

What is the most important difference between trial and appellate courts?

deciding points of fact versus points of law

JP courts in Texas can perform all of the following EXCEPT

hear traffic ticket appeals.

What are the two kinds of county courts?

constitutional county courts and county courts at law

In most states, which courts hear major criminal and civil cases?
district courts
major trial courts
superior courts

All these answers are correct.

In Texas, criminal appeals involving the death penalty are heard by

the Court of Criminal Appeals.

What is the highest court for criminal cases in Texas?

the Court of Criminal Appeals

The merit system used to identify and select judges is also known as

the Missouri system.

How are trial court judges selected in Texas?

partisan election

Most voters go to the election booth with scant knowledge about the qualifications of judicial candidates, and they often end up voting

by name familiarity.

In 1984, many incumbent Democratic judges lost their seats in large urban counties to unknown Republican challengers because of

straight ticket voting.

How many elections must a judge win prior to being seated on the bench under the Texas partisan election system?


The ________ Amendment guarantees citizens in each state due process and equal protection of the law regardless of race, ethnicity, or gender.


Of the following, which is most likely to be appointed to his or her initial seat on the court in Texas?

a municipal court judge

Which method of judicial selection is a system left over from colonial America?

election by the legislature

Which method for removing judges for misconduct is used by the fewest states?

removal by the governor after a hearing

Texas uses ________ to review the facts and decide whether enough evidence exists to try cases.

both grand juries and administrative hearings

The Texas Government Code allows jurisdictions to draw upon which source(s) for jury selection?

both registered voters and licensed drivers

Why do political candidates often use the "tough on criminals" campaign strategy?

It offends few voters.

What is the "age of majority" in Texas with regard to civil and criminal responsibility before the law?


Which state has the highest rate of incarceration?


In Texas as elsewhere, the criminal justice system should serve three broad purposes:

rehabilitation, deterrence, and punishment.

What U.S. Supreme Court case in 1972 outlawed the death penalty because it was unfairly applied to many crimes and because of the lack of safeguards in place in many states?

Furman v. Georgia

Free or reduced-fee legal representation is known as

pro bono.

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