Texas GOVT 2306 Chapter Eleven

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Which of the following is a step in the policy-making cycle?

policy evaluation

In some cases, the policy implementation stage of the policy cycle is

skipped altogether because the new policy is symbolic.

Which state was rated the most liberal in the SPI policy liberalism ranking in 2006?

New York

Compared to the other states, where did Texas fall in the SPI policy liberalism ranking in 2006?


In lieu of purchasing workers’ compensation insurance, employers in Texas

don’t have to do anything, unless an injured employee files a civil law suit.

Starting with the 2011-2012 school year, students are taking the ________ exam at the end of the course in the ninth, tenth, and eleventh grades.

State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness

Bilingual education in Texas dates back to the early twentieth century, when ________ in Texas wanted to teach their native language(s) in the schools.


The result of tuition "deregulation" in 2003 was

a near doubling of tuition rates between 2003 and 2011.

Why are most degrees in Texas state universities limited to 120 hours?

to save the state money

If a student takes more than the allowed hours (as set by the legislature) to complete his or her degree, the student

must pay the out-of-state tuition rate.

The ________ was established by the Texas Constitution of 1876 to support the University of Texas and Texas A&M University systems.

Permanent University Fund

Which of the following ended affirmative action practices at the University of Texas law school?

the Hopwood decision

What state has the lowest incarceration rate?


In Texas an initial permit to carry a concealed firearm costs about ________.


When does Texas allow the public funding of abortions?
cases of rape
cases of incest
when the life of the mother is endangered

All these answers are correct.

What rationale did some legislators use when they opposed Governor Rick Perry’s executive order requiring all Texas schoolgirls to be vaccinated against the human papillomavirus?

The young women would become more promiscuous.

Based on the 1981 U.S. Supreme Court decision in ________, all states are required to provide K-12 education for undocumented immigrants and their children.

Plyler v. Doe

An acre is 43,560 square feet. For purposes of allocating water rights, water is measured in "acre feet". How many cubic feet of water are there in two acre feet?


The Texas Veterans Leadership Program, established in 2008 under the Texas Workforce Commission, focuses on

veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Texas’s approach to regulation of which of the following policies is considered less friendly to business?

professional licensing regulations

Who pays the largest part of the cost of K-12 education in Texas?

local districts

According to estimates of the Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured and Urban Institute, Texas spent approximately ________ per Medicaid enrollee in fiscal year 2009.


When the incarceration rate is adjusted for the violent crime rate, Texas’s "residuals" rank

is above the national average.

In 2003 the U.S. Supreme Court found that antisodomy laws were unconstitutional in the case of

Lawrence v. Texas.

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