Texas GOVT 2306-CH. 7 Quiz

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In Texas, why is a governor’s post-adjournment veto so powerful?

It cannot be overturned by the legislature.

All Texas legislators are elected using

single-member districts.

The lieutenant governor is also a member of the Texas House of Representatives.


Which of the following statements about partisanship in the Texas legislature is correct?

Historically, partisanship has been rather low, but in recent years the legislature has moved into a more partisan era.

For how long does the Texas legislature meet?

The regular legislative session lasts 140 days in odd-numbered years.

In the Senate, the Speaker controls legislative debate by selecting who speaks and how long the debate will last.


Which of the following political leaders in Texas are two of the most powerful figures in the state?

the lieutenant governor and the Speaker of the House of Representatives

Anyone can write a bill, but only members of the legislature can introduce a bill.


What is the function of the "local and consent" calendar?

It is reserved for uncontroversial bills or bills limited to a localized problem.

Unlike other states, Texas allows ________ to introduce a bill in the Texas legislature.

only a member of the legislature

In addition to the legislators and the governor, there are others involved in the lawmaking process during both regular and special sessions. Which one official has direct involvement in the legislative process, while other players are involved indirectly?

the comptroller of public accounts

Which of the following statements about special sessions of the Texas legislature is true?

Special sessions are common, held an average of once a year since 1876.

Which is the most important bill that applies to all people and property throughout the state?

general bill

What is the importance of the Supreme Court case Reynolds v. Sims and Baker v. Carr?

It declared the constitutional principle of "one person, one vote."

In Texas, the governor’s State of the State address is an example of the ________ power.


As in the U.S. Congress, the purpose of a conference committee in the Texas legislature is to do what?

It is a committee designed to make differing House and Senate versions of the same bill identical.

In the Texas legislature, the referral of a bill to a standing committee in the House and the Senate is the job of the

Speaker of the House and lieutenant governor.

Similar to the U.S. president, the governor has the power of the pocket veto.


One of the most notable effects of bicameralism in the Texas legislature is that it

permits more opportunities to kill or significantly modify a bill.

Special sessions last 30 days and there is a limit to the number of special sessions a governor can call.


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