Texas Government Test 4 (Chapters 7 & 8)

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An organization of individuals with similar views that tries to influence government to respond favorably to its views is called a(n)

interest group

Interest groups try to influence public policy by

lobbying government officials regardless of party affiliation

The principal purpose of political party activity is to

gain control of government by winning elections and thus achieve party goals

Which of the following would not be a goal of an interest group?

Getting its members elected to public office

In the case of the NAACP v. Alabama (1958), the U. S. Supreme Court

recognized the right of association as part of the First Amendment

Which constitutional right is the foundation of the right to form and participate in interest groups?

Freedom of association

Which of the following is not a reason for the growth and diversity of interest groups in the United States?

A legal system that requires citizen membership in interest groups

The United States achieves a decentralized governing structure through

federalism and separation of powers

The decentralized structure of Texas politics and governance __________ the ability of interest groups to influence public policy


Which of the following is true of interest groups and parties in Texas?

Texas has weak political parties and influential interest groups

The Texas Tea Party is

a powerful faction within the Texas Republican Party

Which of the following is true of interest group organizational patterns in the United States?

Some are highly centralized, and others have a decentralized organizational structur

Which occupational group is least likely to have a large representation in an interest group?


Which of the following is not a common reason that citizens join interest groups?​

They are not accepted as members of official political parties

Most political interest groups represent

professional and managerial occupations

Which of the following generalizations regarding interest group leadership is correct?

Interest group decisions are usually made by an active minority of the membership

Interest groups organized to promote policies that maximize profits and wages for their members are known as

economic interest groups

The Texas Association of Businesses and Chambers of Commerce is an example of

an umbrella organization

Which of the following goals would a business organization be least likely to pursue?

Increased safety and environmental standards

An example of a labor organization that is active in Texas is the

Communication Workers of America

Which of the following is true regarding labor organizations in Texas?

​Labor groups are not as numerous or as powerful as business-related groups in Texas

Which kind of group exists to promote policies that would increase wages, adequate health and unemployment insurance, and promote safe working conditions?

Labor groups

Which of the following interest groups would be an example of a professional group in Texas?

Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants

Which of the following would a government employee interest group be least likely to pursue?

Decreased levels of government spending

Texas doctors successfully used their professional organizations in lobbying the 76th Legislature to make Texas the first state that allows

doctors to collectively bargain with health maintenance organizations

Which of the following is the largest state government employees group in Texas?

Texas Public Employees Association

Which organization would most likely mount a vigorous campaign to oppose a reduction in the staffing levels of the Texas Rehabilitation Commission?

Texas Public Employees Association

Which of the following is not one of the main goals of racial and ethnic groups in Texas?

Reduce government interference in the economy

A social interest group would be least likely to get involved in which of the following issues?

Highway funding

Which of the following is among the oldest and most ​effective racial and ethnic interest groups in Texas

​All of the above are among the oldest and most effective racial and ethnic groups in Texas.

Which of the following is true of women in Texas politics?​

There are a variety of women’s interest groups in Texas promoting equal rights, greater political participation, and other issues important to women.

The Christian Coalition would be most likely to promote which of the following

Banning same-sex marriage

Which of the following would not be a cause supported by the Texas Freedom Network?​

​Defending the traditional family

Common Cause of Texas is an example of

a public interest group

Which of the following would not be among the interest groups that Texas legislators identify as most powerful?

Public interest groups advocating campaign finance reform

Which of the following techniques do interest groups use to influence policy decisions?

All of the above are techniques used by interest groups

Which of the following is not a function that interest groups perform in Texas?

Writing party platforms

A lobbyist is an individual who

attempts to influence the decision making of lawmakers

About how many registered lobbyists are there in Texas?


Which of the following is the most commonly employed strategy of influencing legislation?

Providing the legislator with relevant information

Political officeholders often rely on interest groups to

provide information and expertis

The political term grassroots refers to activity that

begins locally and spreads to broader areas

In their grassroots and electioneering efforts, interest groups are increasingly

using the Internet and social media

Actively campaigning in support of candidates for office by an interest group is called


Which of the following is an example of an electioneering technique?

Coordinating a "Get Out the Vote" (GOTV) campaign

Typically, in order to get people to the polls, which of the following is generally employed?

Mail-outs, telephone calls, door-to-door solicitation, and transportation to the polls

The device by which a corporation may contribute money to a political candidate is

through a political action committee

Which of the following statements best explains campaign finance laws for candidates running for a seat in the Texas legislature?

There is no limit on how much a PAC may contribute directly to a campaign

An interest group technique that is unethical would be

utilizing bribery

Following the Sharpstown Bank scandal, the Texas legislature

prohibited candidates for Speaker from giving anything of value to supporters in the House

Which Texas House Speaker was not the subject of an inquiry about potentially improper practices with regard to interest groups?

Pete Laney

The details of political contributions and expenditures of candidates must be filed with the Texas Ethics Commission

between two and seven times each year

Which of the following was not prohibited by an amendment to the Texas Constitution in November of 1991?

Campaign contributions from political action committees

Ethics laws prohibit a candidate or official from receiving a contribution inside

the Texas state capitol building

In response to big spending by lobbyists, Texas voters in 1991 approved a constitutional amendment to create the eight-member

Texas Ethics Commission

Members of the Texas Ethics Commission are selected by the

Texas governor

Which of the following is common in the last days of an election campaign?

Interest groups make last minute contributions to campaigns

Which of the following is not a responsibility of the Texas Ethics Commission?

Setting legal limits on campaign contributions

An interest group with substantial financial resources, sizable membership, unity, and a competent leadership

should have success in getting its policy preferences honored

The political influence of interest groups is enhanced when

they are well represented within the structure of government

The system of politics in Texas can be described as one with

weak parties and strong interest groups

Functions of the Texas legislature include all of the following, except

appointing state judges

The number of senators in the Texas legislature is


The Texas legislature is ___________, meaning that it is composed of two chambers


The Texas House of Representatives consists of __________ members


Legislative redistricting for both houses in Texas routinely occurs

the first odd-numbered year in a decade

Which of the following is true of members of the Texas Senate?

They usually serve terms of four years with no term limits

Which of the following is true of members of the Texas House of Representatives?

They serve terms of two year terms with no term limits

A vacancy in the Texas House or Senate arising during a term is filled by

a special election

Regular sessions of the Texas legislature meet for

140 days, in odd-numbered years

All Texas Senate seats are up for election every 10 years because

Senate district lines are redrawn every 10 years

If a state legislator is a member of the National Guard and is called to active military duty for more than 30 days, what will happen?​

The legislator appoints a qualified replacement who must be approved by the appropriate chamber

Which of the following is not true regarding special sessions of the Texas legislature?

They are limited to three per year

The redistricting practice of drawing legislative districts to favor one group or party is called


The federal court case that applied the doctrine of "one-man, one-vote" to Texas was

Kilgarlin v. Martin (1965)

The U.S. Supreme Court found in Reynolds v. Sims (1964) that

legislative districts of bicameral state legislatures must have substantially equal populations

The legislative redistricting maps approved by the 82nd Texas Legislature in 2011 were challenged because​

they appeared to discriminate against the election of historical minority groups

Under the Texas Constitution, those serving in the Texas legislature

cannot hold another government office

Which of the following is not listed in the Texas Constitution as a qualification for membership in the Texas legislature?

College degree

Which of the following groups dominates the membership of the Texas legislature?

Anglo Protestant men

Which statement about women in the Texas state legislature is true?

​In recent elections, the number of women elected to the state legislature has increased

Educationally, most members of the Texas legislature have

attended institutions of higher learning

Republican membership in the Texas legislature has

constituted a majority in both chambers since 2003

The religious denominations most represented in the Texas legislature are

Catholic and Baptist

Turnover in the Texas legislature is most likely to be high in those

elections immediately after redistricting

Compared to legislators in other states, those in Texas receive

low pay, reasonable allowances, and generous retirements

Changes in compensation for members of the Texas legislature are initiated by

an Ethics Commission recommendation

The lieutenant governor also functions as the state’s

president of the Senate

Which of the following is not correct regarding the lieutenant governor of Texas?

He or she receives a constitutional salary of $46,000 per year

Which of the following is not a power accorded to the lieutenant governor by the Texas Constitution or Senate rules?

Voting on all bills before the Senate

Which of the following is not true regarding the Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives?

He or she is selected by direct popular vote in a general electio

In the Texas House, a committee that considers legislation and recommends whether it should or should not pass is called a(n)

substantive (standing) committee

The Legislative Black Caucus has been most concerned about

hate crimes laws

Which of the following statements is true regarding the Texas legislature?

It has Democratic and Republican caucuses that are increasingly important

The Mexican American Legislative Caucus played an important role in

the establishment of a pharmacy college and health center

The liberal ideological caucus in the Texas legislature is the

Legislative Study Group

The "farm-to-table" caucus is described as a bipartisan caucus because its members include legislators

​from both the Democratic and Republican Parties

Rules relating to the procedures for operation of the Texas Senate would be dealt with in a

simple resolution

Adopting the guitar as the state musical instrument required that the legislature uses ____________ to make the icon official

a concurrent resolution

When an amendment to the U.S. Constitution is proposed by Congress, the Texas legislature may vote for ratification using

joint resolution requiring a simple majority vote in each body

The wiki site "The Texas Red Tape Challenge" resulted in

changes to almost 100 laws

A bill making exception to general law for a named individual is known as a

special bill

To enact a law applying specifically to Collin county, the Texas legislature would pass a

local bill

The primary function of the state auditor is to

determine if state funds have been spent by the state agencies in accordance with law

The legislature may require reports from state agencies under a procedure known as


Before making an appointment, the governor is expected to consult with the senator of an affected district, a process called senatorial


Most of the governor’s board and commission appointments to head state agencies must be submitted and approved by

at least two-thirds of the Senate

A member of the Texas legislature would be immune from adverse judicial action if he

slanders in a speech during a legislative proceeding

If a governor or other elected executive official is suspected of criminal activity,

​the Texas House may bring charges through impeachment, after which the Texas Senate would render judgment.

In Texas, the second 30 days of the legislative session are mainly reserved for

standing committee action on bills

After its first reading in the House of Representatives, a bill is

referred to the appropriate committee

Representatives occasionally engage in lengthy debates on bills, including bills that they do not oppose. This delaying action is called


House rules prohibit ghost voting, a practice which involves representatives

pressing the voting button for another representative

The Texas Senate has __________ to control the flow of bills from standing committees to the floor

no calendar committees

A two-thirds vote on the floor of the Texas Senate is required for any bill to be considered due to the use of a

blocking bill

A senator can attempt to delay or impede a bill’s passage by speaking on the floor as long as physically possible, which is called


When the House and Senate pass a bill with different language in each version,

the bill will go to a House-Senate conference committee

After a bill passes both houses of the Texas legislature, it then

becomes law with or without a governor’s signature

If the governor vetoes a bill after the legislature has adjourned,

the bill will die and cannot be overridden

How long does the governor have following the adjournment of the legislature in which to act on bills?

Twenty calendar days

The lieutenant governor, Speaker of the House, and other members of the legislature authorize special research projects to help in the drafting of bills through the

Texas Legislative Council

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