Texas Defensive Driving

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In 2017, approximately _____ drivers wore seatbelts.


An accident with no injuries and little damge can cost how much?

Hundreds of thoudands

The leading cause of death of people 3 to 34 years old is:

Traffic crashes

Which of the following is not one of the top five causes of all crashes in Texas:

Driving with parking lights on

The third time you are convicted of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol in your body:

It will be considered a felony

To avoid being overcome by "highway hypnosis", you should:

Both A and C are correct

When merging with highway traffic:

Do not stop unless absolutely necessary

When entering a lane of oncoming traffic to pass a vehicle, it is generally safe to make your pass when

The oncoming car looks like its not moving

Anytime you change lanes, enter a highway, or merge with traffic you need a gap of at least:

4 seconds

To pass safely, you must be able to see clearly _____ of a mile of the road ahead

At least 1/3

An HOV lane is marked with a _____ painted on the pavement


Unless otherwise indicated, the speed limit in business or residential districts is:

30 mph

It is illegal in most instances to pass a car at a:

All choices listed are correct

Two sets of solid double yellow lines on the pavement indicate:

You may not cross to make a left turn

An example of a regulatory sign is:

A speed limit sign

When driving in fog:
When it is raining you should use your:

Use low beam lights

Pedestrian fatalities account for approximately ____ of all traffic fatalities.


About ____ percent of flood related deaths occur in vehicles.

60 to 70

When your brakes fail you should:

Downshift to low gear

An automatic seat belt and an airbag are examples of:

Passive restraints

Recent statistics show that among passengers older than four in the U. S. , safety belts saved some _____ thousand lives.


Infant seats should always be:

Rear facing

You should have at least _____ between you and an airbag.

10 inches

More people lose their lives in _____ than any other weather related event.


By the time you complete this course, approximately _____ people will have died in car crashes in Texas.


Drunk drivers with a BAC of .08% are involved in approximately _____ of fatal traffic crashes.


The turn signal indicator should be activated at least _____ before merging.

5 seconds

If you are driving with your high beam headlights on, and get within _____ of a vehicle in front of you, you should switch to your low beam headlights.

300 feet

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