Tex Govt Ch. 10

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What are the stated purposes for which Texas imprisons felons?

to punish, rehabilitate and isolate offenders, and deter crime

The process by which attorneys question potential jurors is called

voir dire.

The Texas Supreme Court would not hear an appeal if the

Texas Railroad Commission was a party. case involved a school bond election. court of appeals decided the case in a manner contrary to another court of appeals.

A collection of laws relating to the same subject and presented in an organized manner is called a(n)


State district courts have civil jurisdiction in all the following instances, except

municipal ordinances.

The term plaintiff refers to the person who

initiates a civil suit.

To be a practicing attorney in the State of Texas, a lawyer must be

a member of the State Bar of Texas

In Texas, nearly all judges are chosen by a

partisan election

What is the mission of the Texas Commission on Jail Standards?

To enforce minimum health and safety requirements for county jails

The injured party in a civil case is formally referred to as the


A party to a civil case who was dissatisfied with the outcome in the trial court could next proceed to a court with

appellate jurisdiction.

a lawyer’s compensation based on a percentage of a winning lawsuit is known as a

contingency fee.

Many lawyers are rated by their fellow attorneys in the areas of legal ability and ethics in the

Martindale-Hubbell Legal Directory.

The court that is responsible for formulating the rules of civil procedure is the

Texas Supreme Court.

The Texas Constitution and state law grant the government the authority to take a person’s life, property, and liberty

under appropriate circumstances.

According to statistics compiled by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, two characteristics shared by inmates in state prisons are

poor education levels and substance abuse.

Approximately one-third of all lawsuits are tried by a (an)


Implementing reforms in the method and procedure for selecting Texas judges would likely require

substantial revision of the Texas Constitution.

The minimum sentence for a capital felony is

life without parole

Texas is divided into ______ appeals court districts?


Both TDCJ and TYC collect DNA samples of all inmates convicted of a


Grand juries in Texas are composed of __________ members.


The State Bar of Texas performs all the following functions, except

rate and publish the qualifications of lawyers

Texas courts that have exclusive original jurisdiction over slander are

state district courts.

The court that requires no qualifications to be a judge is a

Justice of the Peace.

A case involving a business contract falls under which branch of law?


A panel of prospective jurors, chosen by random selection, is called a


Which one of the following courts is not mentioned in the Texas Constitution?

Municipal courts

Petit or trial juries in Texas are composed of __________ members.

either six or twelve

Qualifications for serving on a trial jury in Texas include all the following except

be able to read and write English.

Which statement regarding the appellate division of the Texas courts is incorrect?

District courts are appellate when hearing appeals of probate cases.

The validity of a contested will is decided by a

probate court.

The instrument that formally accuses a person of having committed a high felony and orders that person to trial is a(n)


The agency created to investigate complaints regarding faulty evidence in a criminal case is the

Texas Forensic Science Commission.

The most important role in disciplining judges is now played by the

Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct.

Justices of the peace in Texas have jurisdiction over all the following, except


County jails are employed for all of the following purposes in Texas except to

confine persons who are unable to pay their civil debts.

A court that hears and decides cases tried for the first time has

original jurisdiction.

Juvenile courts are considered __________ rather than criminal courts.

civil courts

The type of case appealed directly to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals is that of a

capital felony conviction with imposed death sentence.

Law made by legislative bodies is called

statutory law

The court system has the legal authority to the make the rules of civil procedure, however, these rules

often conflict with the rules of the State Bar of Texas. may not conflict with any general laws of the state. often do conflict with the general laws of the state.

Which of the following courts mainly exercises original jurisdiction?

State District Courts

Disputes concerning business contracts, divorce, family matters and personal injury involve

civil law.

Wrongful imprisonment by the state in Texas

has been shown to be a possibility

The Texas Supreme Court does all the following, except

fill vacancies in state district courts when they arise

The short-term method for relieving overcrowded court dockets in Texas is to

bring in a temporary judge or use an ADR

The duty of a coroner’s office in Texas is to

determine the cause of death in certain circumstances.

A court that has specific authority to decide a particular type of case has

exclusive jurisdiction.

An operator of an automobile repair shop cannot collect a bill of $426.42 from a customer. Where would the most convenient place be for the operator to sue to recover his money?

justice of the Peace court

The term misdemeanor refers to a

crime less serious than a felony

The State Bar of Texas has the authority to take all the following actions, except to

impeach attorneys.

Of the judges of local courts, which must be an attorney licensed to practice law in Texas?

County court at law judge.

When a case can be heard by only one court, that court is said to have

exclusive jurisdiction.

The term court of record means that the

transcript of court proceedings is made by a sternographer

Which would not be subject to enhancement under the Texas Penal Code?

A charge of two offenses in the same criminal episode

The stated purposes of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice include all the following, except to

punish law breakers.

The term alternative dispute resolution refers to

mediation and arbitration

A citizen who believes an attorney has behaved unethically while representing him or her should file a complaint with the

Commission on Judicial Conduct.

The function of small claims courts in Texas is mainly performed by

justices of the peace.

Which of the following courts lacks criminal jurisdiction?

Texas Supreme Court

In a civil jury trial in a state district court, the judge

applies the law, and the jury finds on the facts.

Indictments are prepared in grand jury proceedings if at least _________ members decide that there is enough evidence to warrant a trial.


Which scientific development has shown that some persons sentenced to death actually did not commit the crime?

DNA testing

A violation of the Arlington municipal fire code would be tried in the

Arlington municipal court

A juvenile who is arrested in Texas is most likely to be

simply counseled and then released.

The term adjudication hearing refers to __________ in juvenile law.

a trial

Rehabilitation of Texas prison inmates is most likely to be successful if the inmate

goes through the state release procedures

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