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You want to build a new system that supports 6GB of memory. Which of the following will be the most important consideration when building the computer?

64-bit processor

You have an existing system that has a single DDR3 memory module installed. You would like to add more memory to the three remaining memory slots. What should you do to make sure you get the right memory for the system? (Select two.)

Purchase additional modules that are the same as what is currently installed. Check the motherboard documentation to find which modules are supported.

What is the name for the routine that tests the motherboard, memory, disk controllers, video, keyboard and other system hardware?

POST (Power On Self-Test)

Which of the following is an error detection technique that can also correct the error?

ECC (Error Correcting Code)

You want to upgrade all memory in your system with the fastest memory available. Which of the following should you choose?

Choose the type of memory that is supported by your motherboard.

Which of the following will most likely contain SODIMM (Small outline dual in-line memory module) memory?

Notebook computers.

You are in the process of configuring a new computer. The motherboard has four memory slots and supports dual channel memory. You install two memory modules. When you boot the computer, the BIOS recognizes both modules, but the memory is not configured to run in dual channel mode. What should you do?

Move the modules to the correct motherboard slots.

You have a computer that has four DDR2 memory slots. Currently there are two 512 MB memory modules installed. You check the motherboard documentation and find that the system has a 4GB memory limitation. You want to add as much memory as possible without replacing the existing modules. What is the maximum total amount of RAM that can be installed in this system?


You have installed a new computer with a dual core 64-bit processor, 6GB of memory, and a PCIe video card with 512 MB of memory. After installing the operating system, you see less than 4GB of memory showing as available in Windows. What should you do?

Install a 64-bit version of the operating system.

Which of the following are terms used to identify memory modules?

DIMM (Dual in-line memory module)

A system board has four 32-bit RIMM slots. You have installed one RIMM. Which of the following are correct? (Select two.)

You can complete the installation by installing three continuity modules. You can complete the installation by installing three more RIMMs.

Assuming the same operating frequency, what are the advantages of DDR3 over DDR2?

DDR3 uses less power than DDR2. DDR3 doubles the data transfer rate of DDR2.

A computer needs to use several applications. Currently, the computer cannot keep all the necessary applications open at the same time. Which of the following components should you consider upgrading?


Which memory rating identifies the fastest memory?


Which RAM standard requires heat spreaders?


Which of the following memory ratings identifies the fastest memory?


Your motherboard has sockets for 184-pin DIMM RAM. Which type of RAM should you install?


Which of the following is an error detection technique that can detect errors with only one bit?


Which of the following are true regarding a dual-channel memory bandwidth configuration? (Select two)

The memory controller must support dual-channels. Bandwidth is increased by 5-15%.

After installing two memory modules, you power on the system to check for errors. You find that the BIOS program recognizes only one of the memory modules. What should you do first?

Make sure that both modules are seated properly in their slots.

Which of the statements is true regarding single- and double-sided memory?

Single-sided memory uses half the number of memory modules as double-sided memory of the same capacity.

Which of the following requires that either all memory slots are populated with memory modules or with a continuity module?


What is the approximate bus speed of DDR2 memory rated at PC2-5300?

333 MHz

You have a computer with a Pentium IV CPU and two PC-2400 DDR modules. The motherboard has room for two additional memory modules, and you’d like to install two PC-4000 modules. Which of the following statements in true?

All memory will operate at 300 MHz

Which of the following is the most common method for removing RAM from a motherboard?

Move the tabs holding the RAM out of the way; pull straight up to remove the RAM.

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