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Select the voltage provided by ATX power supply. (Select two.)


Which found the power connector is use on PATA (IDE) internal hard drives and optical drives?

The wattage requirement for each individual circuit uses the formula: W = V x A.

A "watt" describes how much work or how much power can be supplied to various devices.

Which of the fine statements are true regarding power supply wattage? (Select two.)

Converts AC to DC

What does an ATX power supply do?

Pins 15 and 16

Pins 16 and 17

To test a power supply, you want to use a multimeter to measure the voltage on a Molex hard disk drive connector. To do this, you need to turn the power supply on. Which pins on the 24-pin motherboard connector coming from the power supply give me shunted to turn the power supply on?

Power supply

Which of the following components convert AC to DC?

+/- 5v

+/- 12v

You are trying to troubleshoot a power supply issue with the voltmeter. Which two of the following options are common voltage is produced by a desktop power supply? (Select two.)

Use an adapter cable to connect two 4-pin Molex connectors to the 8-pin PCIe connector.

You are building a new computer from both new and used parts. The video card is a PCIe video card that requires an 8-pin power connector. However, your power supply doesn’t have an 8-pin PCIe power connector. Which solution would be the least expensive option for your system?

Move the power switch on the power supply to the different voltage.

You have a power supply configured to receive 110 volts AC. How can you configure the power supply to receive 220 volts AC?

90 Watts

You have a laptop with a dual core processor with the following characteristics: * 1024 MB L2 cache *125 Watts *45 nm process size You want to upgrade the processor to one that uses less power. Which of the following characteristics would most likely identify a processor that uses less power?

Replace the power supply. It is failing.

To test a power supply, you use a multimeter to measure the voltage on Molex hard disk drive connector. You note that the yellow wire in the connector provides 10 volts DC. What should you do?

Move the switch on the power supply to a different voltage.

You have a desktop PC that you have been using for 3 years in the United States. You are going on a study-abroad program for one semester and you want to take your computer with you. After some research, you find out that the country where you staying uses different voltage than what is used in the United States. What should you do so that the computer can be compatible with the electrical power in Europe?

Upgrade to a power supply that provides more watts.

You have a desktop computer that you want to upgrade. You have several internal components and external components. You realize that you need to use sure that your power supply can support all the new devices. What should you do?

A power supply with a 24-pin connector only

A power supply with 20-pin and 4-pin connectors

You have a motherboard that requires a 24 pin connector from a power supply. What types of power supply could you use with this motherboard? (Select two.)

Form factor

Output wattage

Processor connector

You need to replace the power supply in your home desktop computer. As you choose a replacement power supply, which of the five specifications are the most likely to affect your choice?

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