TestOut PC Pro 5.1.1 – 3.7.6 Practice Questions

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You have received an order of various system components from an order you placed several weeks ago. One of the components is labeled as SODIMM memory.
For which of the following was this memory MOST likely purchased?

notebook computers

Which of the following are terms used to identify memory modules?


What is the approximate bus speed of DDR2 memory rated at PC2-5300?

333 MHz

Which of the following memory ratings identifies the fastest memory?


Which memory rating identifies the fastest memory?


Assuming the same operating frequency, what are the advantages of DDR3 over DDR2? (select two)

1) DDR3 doubles the data transfer rate of DDR2 2) DDR3 uses less power than DDR2

Your motherboard has sockets for 184-pin DIMM RAM. Which type of RAM should you install?


A customer needs to use several applications. Currently, the computer cannot keep all the necessary applications open at the same time. Which of the following components should you consider upgrading?


Assuming the same operating frequency, what are the advantages of DDR4 over DDR3? (select two)

1) DDR4 doubles the data transfer rate of DDR3 2) DDR4 uses less power than DDR3

Which of the following BEST describes the theoretical capacity of a DDR4 standard system memory module?

512 GB

A notebook that you previously purchased was shipped with SODIMM memory to accommodate the notebook’s form factor. You would like to upgrade the memory.
Which of the following is an upgrade to the SODIMM standard?


Consider the memory modules shown in the image below. Drag the label on the left and drop it on the letter on the right that best identifies the associated memory module form.

a) DDR DIMM b) DDR3 DIMM c) DDR4 DIMM d) DDR2 DIMM e) 200-pin SODIMM f) 144-pin SODIMM g) UniDIMM

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