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You have a network that uses a logical ring topology. How do messages travel through the network?

Messages travel from one device to the next until they reached the destination device.

You have a network that uses a logical bus topology. How do messages travel through the network?

Messages are broadcast to all devices connected to the network.

Which of the following topologies connects all devices to a trunk cable?


Which of the following topologies connects each device to a neighboring device?


In which of the following topolgies does each device on the netowrk act as a repeater, sending the signal to the next device?


Which of the following topologies connects each network device to a central hub?


You have implemented an ad-hoc wireless network that doesn’t employ a wireless access point. Every wireless network card can communicate directly with any other wireless network card on the network.

What type of physical network topology has been implemented in this type of network?

Mesh (usually impractical on a wired network)

You have been asked to implement a network infrastructure that will accommodate failed connections. Which of the following netowrok topologies provides redundancy for a failed link?


You want to implement a fault tolerant topology as you interconnect routers on your wide area netowrk. Which of the following would meet your needs?

Mesh A mesh topology has multiple connections at each node, increasing connectivity fault tolerance. None of the other topologies have fault tolerance built in.

What device is used to create a physical star topology?

Switch or hub Routers are used to connect multiple subnets together. A firewall is a router that performs filtering on packets or other information contained in network communications.

You have a small network that uses a hub to connect multiple devices. What physical topology is used?


You have been asked to implement a wired network infrastracture that will accommodate fialed conenctions. You don’t have a large budget, so you decide to provide redundancy for only a handful of critical devices.

Which of the following netowork topologies should you implement?

Partial Mesh

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