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What is the main difference between a worm and a virus?

a worm can replicate itself, while a virus requires a host for distribution

A collection of zombie computers have been setup to collect personal information. What type of malware do the zombie computer represent?


What is a program that appears to be legitimate application, utility, game, or screensaver and that performs malicious activities surreptitiously?

trojan horse

Which of the following describes a logic bomb?

A program that performs a malicious activity at a specific time or after a triggering event.

You have heard about a new malware program that presents itself to users as a virus scanner. When users run the software, it installs itself as a hidden program that has administrator access to various operating system components. The program then tracks system activity and allows an attacker to remotely gain administrator access to the computer. Which of the following term best describes this software?


While browsing the internet, you notice that the browser displays ads that are targeted towards recent keyword searches you have performed. What is this an example of?


Developers in your company have created a Web application that interfaces with a database server. During development, programmers created a special user account that bypasses the normal security. What is this an example of?


Which of the following best describes spyware?

It monitors the actions you take on your machine and sends the information back to its originating source.

What is another name for a logic bomb?

Asynchronous Attack

You have installed anti-malware software that checks for viruses in email attachments. Yu configure the software to quarantine any files with problems. You receive an email w/ an important attachment, but the attachment is not there. Instead, you see a message that the file has been quarantined by the anti-malware software. hat has happened to the file?

It has been moved to a folder on our computer.

Which of the following measures are you most likely to implement to protect against a worm or Trojan horse?

anti-virus software

Which of the following statements about the use of anti-virus software is correct?

anti-virus software sh0uld be configured to download updated virus definitions files as soon as they become available.

You recently discovered several key files of your antivirus program have been deleted. You suspect that a virus has deleted the files. Which type of virus deletes key antivirus program files?


Which type of virus intercepts system requests and alters service outputs to conceal it presence?


Netbus and Back orifice are remote control tools. The allow you to connect to a remote system over a network and operate it as if you were sitting at its local keyboard. Unfortunately these two programs are also examples of what type of security concern?

backdoor trojans

In a variation of brute force attack, an attacker may use a predefined list (dictionary) of commonly used usernames and passwords to gain access to existing user accounts. Which counter measure best addresses this issue?

strong password policy

Which of the following password attacks uses a preconfigured matrices of hashed dictionary words?

rainbow table

Which of the following is most vulnerable to a brute force attack?

password authentication

Which of the ff. actions should you take to reduce the attack surface of a server?

disabled unused services

Which of the ff. describes a configuration baseline?

a list of common security settings that a group or all devices share

You have recently experienced a security incident with one of your servers. After some research, you determine that hotfix #568994 that has recently been released would have protected the server. Which of the ff. recommendations should you follow when applying the hotfix?

test the hotfix, then apply it to all servers

Which of the ff. terms describes a Windows operating system patch that corrects a specific problem and is release on a short-term, periodic basis (typically monthly)?


Which of the ff. is the best recommendation for applying hotfixes to your servers?

apply only the hotfix that apply to software running on your systems

By definition, what is the process of reducing security exposure and tightening security controls?


When securing a newly deployed server, which of the ff. rules of thumb should be followed?

determine the unneeded services and their dependencies before altering the system

You have contracted with a vendor to supply a custom application that runs on Windows workstations. As new
application versions and patches are released, you want to be able to automatically apply these to multiple

group policy

Which of the ff. solutions would you use to control the actions that users can perform on a computer, such as shutting down the system, logging on through the network, or loading and unloading device drivers?

group policy

For users who are member of the Sales Team, you want to force their computers to use a specific desktop background and remove access to administrative tools from the Start menu. Which solution should you use?

group policy

FTPS uses which mechanism to provide security for authentication and data transfer?


You want to give all managers the ability to view edit a certain file. To do so, you need to edit the discretionary access control list (DACL) associated with the file. You want to be able to easily add and remove managers as their job positions change. What is the best way to accomplish this?

Create a security group for the managers. Add all users as members of the group. Add the group to the file’s DACL.

You have two folders that contain documents used by various departments:
o The Development group has been given the Write permission to the Design folder.
o The Sales group has been given the Write

make mark a member of the sales group; add mark’s user account directly to the acl for the design folder

You have a file server named Srv3 that holds files used by the Development department. You want to allow users to access the files over the network, and control access to files when files are accessed through the network or through a local logon. Which solution should you implement?

NTFS and share permissions

You have a shared folder named Reports. Members of the Managers group have been given Write access to the shared folder. Mark Mangum is a member of the Managers group. He needs access to the files in the Reports folder, but should not have any access to the Confidential.xls file. What should you do?

Add Mark Mangum to the ACL for the Confidential.xls file with Deny permissions.

You have placed an FTP server in your DMZ behind your firewall. The FTP server will be used to distribute software updates and demonstration versions of your products. Users report that they are unable to access the FTP server. What should you do to enable access?

open ports 20 and 21 for inbound and outbound connections

Many popular operating system allow for quick and easy sharing of files and printers with other network members. Which of the ff. is not a means by which file and printer sharing is hardened?

allowing NetBIOS traffic outside of your secured network

Which command should you use to scan for open TCP ports on your Linux system? (enter the command as if at the command prompt)

nmap -sT

What will the netstat -a show?

All listening and non listening sockets

You need to increase the security of your Linux system by finding and closing open ports. Which of the following commands should you use to locate open ports?


Which command should you use to display both listening and non listening sockets on your Linux system? (enter the command as if at the command prompt)

netstat -a

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