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Why would you recommend a dye sublimation printer?

When print jobs are detailed photographic reproductions

Which of the following would be a good reason to not recommend a solid ink printer?

The user has a surplus of toner cartridges and would like a printer that can be used with these

Which of the following printers would produce the highest print quality?

600 DPI

Which type of printer heats the ink in its print head to print?

Bubble jet (inkjet)

You have been asked to recommend a printer that will be used in a travel agency. The printer will be used to print airline tickets. Each ticket have four pages (multi-part, carbon-based forms), and the same information must show up on all four pages with a single pass of the printer. Which printer type would you recommend?


Which type of printer uses a drum, plastic toner, and fuser to create a printed page?


Which type of printer uses lasers and electrical charges to transfer images to paper?


Which component in a laser printer prepares the photosensitive drum for writing by causing it to receive a negative electrostatic charge?

Primary corona

Which component in a laser printer charges the paper to attract toner

Transfer roller

Which component in a laser printer applies toner to the drum, causing the toner to stick to the charged areas on the drum?

Developing roller

Which of the following are printer languages?

Escape Codes, PostScript, PCL

You’ve just set up a color laser printer on a customer’s Windows workstation. You’ve connected it to the workstation using a USB cable and have loaded the appropriate drivers. What should you do next?

Verify that it is working correctly by printing a test page, or Edit the printer properties to configure paper tray and other device-specific settings

You have just set up a new laser printer for the company president on her Windows workstation. You have installed the printer and the drivers, What should you do next?

Edit the printer properties to configure device-specific settings

Which of the following allows a computer to communicate with a printer?

Print driver

Which of the following virtual printing options allows you to convert a Word document into .jpg file?

Print to Image

Which of the following methods can be used to connect a printer to a network?

Connect your printer to an external print server device that is connected to the network or Plug an Ethernet cable into the network port in the printer

Which of the following is an advantage of connecting a printer to a network?

Multiple users can print to the same printer

Which connector is most commonly used to connect printers to desktop PC systems?


If a printer is connected directly to a Windows workstation, what can be done to allow other workstations on the same network to send print jobs to this printer?

Configure the printer to be a shared printer

If a printer is not Wi-Fi capable, how can it be set up to provide the most reliable wireless printing?

If the printer is Ethernet capable, it can be connected to the network through a wireless router

Which printer management components would you use to view the port used by a printer?

Printer properties or Print server properties

Which printer management component would you use to view the drivers used by a printer?

Printer properties

Which printer permission would you assign to a user so that she can pause the printer?

Manage this printer

You want to restrict the hours that the QA Printer is available from Windows. Which tab on the Printer Properties page would you click so you can restrict the hours the printer is available?


You have a 64-bit Windows 7 workstation with three shared printers. You want to add drivers for 32-bit versions of the operating system. Which method would you choose to add the drivers with the least amount of effort?

Add the drivers to your print server in Print Management

You’re responsible for ordering consumables for your organization’s printers. These printers are heavily utilized by your users who demand the utmost in reliability. Which of the following would be the best option when ordering new toner for these printers?

Toner cartridges recommended by the the printer manufacturer

Which of the following problems is common for dot matrix printers?

Paper scraps are caught in the feed mechanism

You replaced the print cartridge on an inkjet printer. What should you do next?

Calibrate the printer

You installed a new toner cartridge in a company-owned laser printer and did some maintenance tasks you noticed that needed to be done. What should you do next?

Reset the page count

You’re conducting scheduled maintenance on a laser printer. You notice that there is a build-up of excess toner inside the interior of the printer. Which of the following is the proper way to remove it?

Use an anti-static vacuum

You replaced the ink cartridges in a color inkjet printer. Users are now complaining that print quality has degraded, lines are fuzzy, and the colored areas in images are starting or stopping before they should.

Printer cartridge calibration

A customer has called to complain that the colors in photos she has printed on the color inkjet printer your store sold her don’t match the colors in the originals. Assuming the customer is using a Windows workstation, what should you do to resolve the issue?

Use the Color Management tab of the printer driver to calibrate the drivers color settings or download and install the latest printer drivers

For the past several days, the print jobs form the inkjet printer are missing colors and leaving gaps. What should you do to resolve the problem?

Use the automatic print head cleaning feature

A user has created a complex spreadsheet on her workstation containing many graphs and charts. She sent the documents to an older network laser printer that is shared by everyone in her department. When she picked up the output only the top half of each page was printed and the bottom half was blank. What should you do?

Install additional memory in the printer

Your laser printer prints a vertical black line on every page. You change the toner cartridge but the problem does not go away. What is the most likely problem?

A corona wire is dirty

Which of the following is a symptom of a dirty drum or roller in a laser printer?

Lines or splotches repeated at regular intervals on the print job

When you print from your laser printer, the paper contains faint images from previous printouts. Which components should you check?

Discharge lamp or rubber scarper

You have a laser printer that has worked fine until today. Now whenever anything is printed, only blank pages come out. Which part are you most likely to replace?

Transfer corona

You are testing a printer you just installed, so you use the operator panel on the printer to print a test page. Later, you use the printer properties on your computer to print a test page. Instead of a normal test page, you receive several pages with garbled characters on them. What is the most likely cause of the problem?

Wrong print drive

A departmental manager complains that print jobs are not being printed on the private laser printer in her office. The printer connects directly to her workstation with a USB cable. When you inspect the printer, you see no output displayed on the printer’s LCD control panel. You notice that the printer’s power switch is set to the ON position and that the printer is plugged into the wall outlet. What should you do ?

Replace the printer’s power supply.

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