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Which processor feature is used to dynamically reduce power consumption based on current operating conditions?


Where should the thermal paste go when installing a processor?

Between the heat sink and the CPU

Which action is recommended for keeping your computer cool?

Remove unused expansion card slot covers.

You have a system that has been overheating.

Which of the following actions will not help to keep the system cool?

Removing the case side panel.

What is the correct order for installing a processor for proper cooling.

CPU, thermal paste, heat sink fan

Which describes case fans? (Select two.)

1. Pull cool air from the front and blow hot air out the back. 2. Create a pressurized system inside the case.

Which ensures optical system cooling? (Select three.)

1. Leave space between the case and any walls or obstruction. 2. Keep the ambient temperature below 80F. 3. Bundle cables together and secure unused cables to the case.

Which characteristic describes passive heat sinks?

More reliable than active heat sinks.

Which thermal solution might you find on memory modules?

Passive heat sink

Match the cooling system types.
1. Uses for cooling high-end video cards.
(Active heat sink)
2. Used for cooling high-end gaming computers.
(Liquid cooling)
3. Has a fan attached to the heat sink.
(Active heat sink)
4. Used for cooling CPU’s.
(Active heat sink)
5. Exhausts hot air out of the back of the case.
(Power supply)
6. Used cooling for memory modules.
(Passive heat sink)
7. Used for cooling high-performance systems.
(Liquid cooling)
8. Has no fan attached to the heat sink.
(Passive heat sink)

Which object should thermal paste be applied.


You finished upgrading the CPU in your desktop. After running the system for about 10 minutes, the system locks up and automatically restarts.

What should you do first to troubleshoot the problem? (Select two.)

1. Make sure the heat sink is properly mounted and has thermal paste. 2. Check the CPU fan power.

You have a system that has been overheating and shutting off.

Which action will not help keep the system cool?

Removing the side panel from the case.

Which would most likely cause random system lockups?

Overheated processor

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