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Join the laptop to the HomeGroup

You have a small network. All computers are running Windows 7. You have created a HomeGroup for your network. You have a laptop that you use at work that runs Windows 7 Professional. You connect the laptop to the network. You are unable to see shared files on other computers. What should you do?


You have a Windows 7 computer connected to a small network that is not part of a domain. You want to see the computer and printers on the network. Which feature should you use?

The network location is not set to Home Network

Network Discovery has been disabled on your computer

You want to join your computer to a homegroup but you don’t see any homegroups on your home network. You know they have been set up on other computers at home, so what might be preventing you from seeing the homegroups that have been created?

Your network location is not set to Home Network

Your computer belongs to a domain

Because of how simple they are to set up, you want to create a homegroup at the office. What is most likely to prevent you from setting up a homegroup at work?

In the Libraries container in Wndows Explorer

Your home computer belongs to a homegroup so that resources can be shared between other computers you have in your home. Where would you find the resources that are being shared from your other computers?

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