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Which two of the following are included as part of the Data Link Layer?

-Identifying physical network device -Controlling how messages are propagated through the network

In the OSI Model, what is the primary function of the Network Layer?

Routes messages between networks

In the OSI Model, which of the following functions are performed at the Presentation Layer?

-Specify data format -Encrypt and compress data

In the OSI Model, which of the following functions are performed at the Application Layer?

-Integration of network functionality into the host operating system -Enabling communication between network clients and services

Which of the following functions are performed at the Physical Layer of the OSI Model?

Movement of data across network cables

The Data Link Later of the OSI Model is comprised of two sublayers.
What are they?


Which of the following are functions of the MAC sublayer? (Select two)

-Defining a unique hardware address for each device on the network -Letting devices on the network have access to the LAN

Which OSI Model layer is responsible for guaranteeing reliable message delivery?


Match each layer of the TCP/IP model on the left with the corresponding layer of the OSI model on the right. Each option on the left can be used more then one.

Presentation-Application Data Link-Network Interface Application-Application Session-Application Network-Internet Transport-Transport

Match the network function or device on the left with the OSI model layer it is associated with on the right.

Application-HTTP Presentation-ASCII Session-Session ID Number Transport-Port Numbers Network-Router Data Link-Switch Physical-Wireless Access Point

At what OSI layer does a router operate to forward network messages?


Your company purchase a new bridge, which filters packets based on the MAC address of the destination computer. On which layer of the OSI Model is this device functioning?

Data Link

At which layer of the OSI Model do hubs operate?


Which of the following devices operate at OSI Model layer 2? (Select two)

-Network Interface Card -Switch

Which three of the following devices operate at the Data Link Layer of the OSI Model?

-Bridges -Network Interface Cards -Switches

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