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Which of the following is not an appropriate response to a risk discovered during a risk analysis?


Which of the following best defines Single Loss Expectancy (SLE)?

The total monetary loss associated with a single occurrence of a threat

What is the average number of times that a specific risk is likely to be realized in a single year?

Annualized rate of occurrence

Your company has developed and implemented countermeasures for the greatest risks to their assets. However, there is still some risk left. What is the remaining risk called?

Residual risk

Which of the following statements is true regarding risk analysis? (Select two.)

Don’t implement a countermeasure if the cost is greater than loss. Annualized Rate of Occurrence (ARO) identifies how often the successful threat attack will occur in a single year.

When would choosing to do nothing about an identified risk be acceptable?

When the cost of protecting the asset is greater than the potential loss

If an organization shows suffcient due care, which burden is eliminated in the event of a security breach?


You have conducted a risk analysis to protect a key company asset. You identify the following values:

• Asset value = 400
• Exposure factor = 75
• Annualized rate of occurrence

What is the Annualized Loss Expectancy (ALE)?


When conducting a risk assessment, how is the Annualized Rate of Occurrence (ARO) calculated?

Through historical data provided by insurance companies and crime statistics.

Purchasing insurance is what type of response to risk?


To determine the value of the company assets, an anonymous survey was used to collect the opinions of all senior and mid-level managers. Which asset valuation method was used?

Delphi method

You have conducted a risk analysis to protect a key company asset. You identify the following values:

• Asset value = 400
• Exposure factor = 75
• Annualized Rate of Occurrence = .25

What is the Single Loss Expectancy (SLE)?


Which type of Data Loss Prevention system is usually installed near the network perimeter to detect sensitive data that is being transmitted in violation of organizational security policies?

Network DLP

Which of the following is not an accepted countermeasure to strengthen a cryptosystem?

Keep the cryptosystem a secret

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