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Homo habilis differs from earlier australopithecines because it

had a larger brain.

Which species became increasingly specialized to foods requiring heavy chewing?


Paleoanthropologists have found stone tool marks on Homo erectus bones, and this bit of information has been spun on TV as "cannibal hominins." A valid criticism of this sensationalistic conclusion is that

the tool marks indicate only that flesh was removed, not whether it was consumed.

The rapid spread of H. erectus out of Africa can be attributed in part to

material culture and tool use.

The controlled use of fire by hominids:

The controlled use of fire by hominids:

Southern and eastern African sites dating to 2.5 mya show habitats indicating:

a more frequent use of tools for the digging and processing of roots and tubers.

A central theme of human evolution is a(n):

increasing adaptive flexibility.

The first hominid to migrate beyond Africa was:

Homo erectus.

Anatomical evidence from fossilized hand bones suggests that the precision grip needed to make and use stone tools was present:

in Homo habilis and some australopithecines.

Which of the following reflects changes in Homo erectus from Homo habilis?

All of the choices are correct. bigger brow ridges thicker cranial bone smaller teeth

Fossil evidence of cutmarks made with stone tools at early hominid sites suggests that:

meat eating started before Homo erectus but increased with more advanced technology.

Compared to australopithecines, Homo habilis is characterized by a:

all of the above smaller face. bigger brain. rounder and larger skull.

If a fully clothed Nariokotome boy were walking down the streets of New York City, which feature would indicate that he was NOT a modern human?

None of the choices is correct. his height the way he walked his large teeth

Homo habilis experienced a major shift to new environments that was characterized by:

tool use for obtaining and processing food.

Homo erectus differed from earlier hominids in having traits such as:

a larger brain.

A H. erectus specimen from Turkey dating to about 500,000 yBP demonstrates the antiquity of _______________, a disease still prevalent today.


Compared to earlier hominids the increased body size in Homo erectus is likely due to:

increased protein in the diet.

African Homo erectus cranial features include:

thick cranial bones.

The first hominin species to disperse from Africa, where it originated, was

H. erectus.

H. erectus’s brain increased about ________ compared to H. habilis’s.

30 percent

Homo rudolfensis is morphologically most similar to:

Homo habilis

Stone tools are more commonly found on archaeological sites thought to be associated with:

Homo habilis

Homo erectus fossils date to:

1.8 mya-300,000 ya.

Relative to Oldowan tools, Acheulean stone tools:

required more learning and skill to produce

Paleoanthropologists know that acheulian hand axes were used to butcher animals because:

the wear patterns on ancient tools are similar to those that can be replicated experimentally

An animal bone with both animal tooth marks and stone tools cut marks may provide evidence that Homo erectus scavenged for meat if:

puncture holes from carnivore teeth are found beneath cuts made by manufactured tools

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