Technology in Action – Chapter 12

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A _______ is a group of two or more computers or nodes, designed to share information and resources

a) bus
b) network
c) router
d) bridge


A _______ network can contain servers as well as individual computers.

a) client/server
b) switch
c) peer-to-peer
d) distributed


In a _______ network, each node connected to the network communicates directly with every other node.

a) bridge
b) peer-to-peer
c) router
d) client/server


The computers in a lab on a floor of a building would be connected using a _______.

a) LAN
b) WAN
c) PAN
d) MAN


A _______ uses the internet communications infrastructure to build a secure and private network

a) PAN
b) WAN
c) HAN
d) VPN


A(n) _______ server tracks who is logging on to the network as well as which services on the network are available to each user.

a) authentication
b) file
c) dedicated
d) application


A(n) _______ server is a server that stores and manages files for network users.

a) print
b) file
c) database
d) e-mail


A print server uses a print _______ as a software holding area for jobs waiting to be printed.

a) heap
b) spooler
c) stack
d) logger


Which of the following is NOT a common network topology?

a) Cluster
b) Ring
c) Linear bus
d) Star


A _______ is a set of rules for how information and communication are exchanged.

a) frame
b) protocol
c) packet
d) token


Ring networks use the _______ method to avoid data collisions.

a) active-check
b) packet screening
c) token
d) passive-check


The ends of the cable in a bus network us a(n) _______ to absorb signals so that they are not reflected back to network components that have already received the signals

a) terminator
b) stopper
c) endcap
d) block


In a _______ network, data collisions can occur fairly easily because the network is essentially composed of a single cable

a) Star
b) Bus
c) Hierarchical
d) Cluster


Which of the following is the most commonly used client/server network topology?

a) Ring
b) Cluster
c) Star
d) Hierarchical


In an Ethernet network, the signal that is sent to indicate a signal collision is called a _______ signal.

a) stop
b) hit
c) crash
d) jam


A _______ topology uses more than one topology when building a network.

a) hybrid
b) fusion
c) crossover
d) multiple-use


_______ is the amount of data that can be transmitted across a transmission medium in a certain amount of time.

a) Scalability
b) Bandwidth
c) Infusion
d) Data capacity


Which of the following is NOT a factor to consider when selecting network cabling?

a) Cable diameter
b) Bandwidth
c) Maximum run length
d) Interference

Cable diameter

_______ cable is NOT subject to electromagnetic interference or radio frequency interference.

a) Fibre-optic
b) Polycarbonate
c) Twisted-pair
d) Coaxial


For business networks, which of the following is NOT a main cable type?

a) Fibre-optic
b) Duplex
c) Twisted-pair
d) Coaxial


Most home networks use _______ cable, which is most susceptible to interference.

a) coaxial
b) fiber-optic
c) wi-fi
d) unshielded twisted-pair

unshielded twisted-pair

_______ is the standard communications protocol used on most client/server networks.

b) Ethernet
c) VPN
d) NOS


The physical address assigned to each network adapter is called its _______.

a) network access control (NAC)
b) physical address control (PAC)
c) media access control (MAC)
d) network physical address (NPA)

media access control (MAC)

A(n) _______ address is the address that external entities use when communicating with your network

a) IP
b) WAP
c) ALU
d) MAC


A _______ sends data from one collision domain to another.

a) link
b) switch
c) bridge
d) router


A _______ sends data between two networks

a) router
b) switch
c) repeater
d) hub


A _______ keeps your computer safe by determining who is trying to access it.

a) switch
b) hub
c) firewall
d) gateway


Packet _______ is a form of protection from your computer that looks at each packet that comes into your computer network.

a) scanning
b) sniffing
c) viewing
d) screening


A(n) _______ server is a heavily secured server located between a company’s secure internal network and it firewall.

a) transitional
b) proxy
c) armoured
d) bastion host

bastion host

Configuring an account to disable itself after a set number of login attempts using invalid passwords is a method of countering a _______.

a) worm
b) spammer
c) Trojan horse
d) brute force attack

brute force attack

P2P networks become difficult to manage when they exceed five users.

True or False?


In a client/server network, each network node communicates directly with every other node on the network.

True or False?


An international company like Microsoft would use a MAN to connect all of its computers.

True or False?

False (Microsoft is a strong independent woman who don’t need no MAN)

Data flows in both directions in a ring network.

True or False?


In an active topology, each node helps move data through a network.

True or False?


Transmission media comprise the physical system that data take to flow between devices on the network.

True or False?


Since data transmissions can pass through fibre-optic cable in only one direction, at least two fibres are required to enable transmission of data in both directions.

True or False?


Crosstalk interference is the tendency of signals on one twisted-pair wire to interfere with signals on the wire next to it.

True or False?


Wireless access points can provide coverage wherever employees are working with portable devices, such as in conference rooms.

True or False?


MAC addresses are restricted to Macintosh computers.

True or False?


MAC addresses and IP addresses are the same thing.

True or False?


A bridge sends information between two networks.

True or False?


A phishing attack is an attempt to access an account by repeatedly trying different passwords.

True or False?


Worms often try to disguise from where they are sending data by using bogus IP addresses instead of using an authorized IP address belonging to the network.

True or False?


A facial-recognition scanner is an example of a biometric authentication device.

True or False?


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