Technology in Action – Chapter 11

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Data redundancy ensures that the data contained in the database is accurate and reliable.

True or False?


A large data mart might require a database administrator to design, construct, and maintain it.

True or False?


A group of related records is called a table.

True or False?


An employee’s ID number, name, company, position, address, city, state and Zip Code make up a record.

True or False?


When using Access, the text of the Gettysburg Address would be stored in a short text field.

True or False?


Employees’ last names would usually make an appropriate primary-key field.

True or False?


Normalization means that there are no data entry errors in a database.

True or False?


In a relational database, when two tables have a common field, the link between the tables is known as a hyperlink.

True or False?


A database schema defines the name, data type, and length of each field in the database.

True or False?


A last name field is an example of a friend that should have a default value.

True or False?


Most databases can import electronic data from other software applications.

True or False?


A filter is limited to extracting data from a single table.

True or False?


The information in a data mart spans an entire enterprise.

True or False?


Real-time processing means that transactions are updated when they occur.

True or False?


A summary report provides a list of the transactions that occurred during a specified time period.

True or False?


Data mining analyzes and investigates large amounts of data with the intention of discovering significant patterns or trends.

True or False?


A _______ is a group of related data that can be stored, sorted, organized, and queried.

a) database
b) macro
c) spreadsheet
d) memo


If a school keeps two lists, one for student registration and one for student financial information, both containing name and address information, this is an example of data _______.

a) redundancy
b) completeness
c) integrity
d) normalization


Data _______ ensures that the data contained in a database is accurate and reliable.

a) consistency
b) redundancy
c) efficiency
d) integrity


Data _______ helps to ensure data integrity by maintaining information in only one place.

a) centralization
b) flexibility
c) redundancy
d) mapping


21 in a database, the term _______ is synonymous with a category of information.

a) record
b) table
c) row
d) field


In a database, a group of related records is referred to as a(n) _______.

a) memo
b) object
c) field
d) table


In a Microsoft Access database, the Gettysburg Address would be stored in a(n) _______ field.

a) text
b) short text
c) long text
d) object

long text

You can set a _______, which is automatically displayed in a field unless the user enters something different.

a) field type
b) default value
c) numeric check
d) relation

default value

Which of the following is NOT a likely primary key?

a) Driver’s license number
b) Social Security number
c) Date of birth
d) Student ID number

Date of birth

_______ is used to ensure that data is organized more efficiently.

a) Range checking
b) Normalization
c) Validation
d) Consistency checking


_______ databases are the most frequently used electronic databases.

a) Multidimensional
b) Flat-file
c) Object-oriented
d) Relational


A _______ relationship indicates that for each record in a table, there is only a single corresponding record in a related table.

a) many-to-many
b) one-to-one
c) many-to-one
d) one-to-many


_______ means that for each value in the foreign key of one table, there is a corresponding value in the primary key of another table.

a) Database consistency
b) Record integrity
c) Normalization
d) Referential integrity

Referential integrity

Nontraditional data such as audio clips, video clips, pictures, and very large documents are called _______ data.

a) enterprise
b) unstructured
c) multidimensional
d) structured


Data in a multidimensional database is organized in a _______ format.

a) cube
b) linear
d) modular
c) cellular


A _______ check would be used to restrict the fines for speeding violations from $50 to $250.

a) completeness
b) range
c) consistency
d) numeric


A(n) _______ check determines whether a required field such as LastName was filled in

a) consistency
b) completeness
c) range
d) alphabetic


A _______ check compares the values of data in two or more fields to see whether those values are reasonable.

a) correctness
b) numeric
c) consistency
d) range


You would use a _______ to temporarily display records of residents of the city of Boston.

a) sieve
b) validation rule
c) filter
d) field constraint


A(n) _______ is a way of retrieving information from one or more tables that defines a particular subset of data.

a) query
b) enquiry
c) validation rule
d) field constraint


A _______ displays a subset of data from a table (or tables) based on the specified criteria

a) join query
b) table query
c) select query
d) criteria query

select query

SQL uses _______ to extract records from a database by using English-like expressions that have variables and operations.

a) relational algebra
b) primary keys
c) Boolean algebra
d) foreign keys

relational algebra

_______ involves putting data into an electronic file in a format that another application can recognize.

a) Enhancing
b) Extracting
c) Exporting
d) Importing


A data _______ is a large-scare electronic repository of data that contains and organizes all of an organization’s data in one place.

a) mart
b) storehouse
c) chain
d) warehouse


Data staging consists of all of the following steps EXCEPT _______

a) extracting the data
b) transforming the data
c) mining the data
d) storing the data in a warehouse

mining the data

A(n) _______ is designed to improve communications and help employees complete their routine tasks.

a) office support system (OSS)
b) decision support system (DSS)
c) transaction-processing system (TPS)
d) management information system (MIS

office support system (OSS)

In a transaction-processing system (TPS), if the TPS database can be queried and updated while the transaction is taking place, this is called ________ processing.

a) real-time
b) immediate
c) direct
d) batch


Management information systems (MIS) provide reports called _______ reports, which show conditions that are unusual or need attention from users of the system.

a) exception
b) expert
c) summary
d) detail


The Siri personal assistant application on Apple’s iPhone 5s in an example of a _______.

a) management information system (MIS
b) database management system (DBMS)
c) natural language processing (NLP) system
d) decision support system (DSS)

natural language processing (NLP) system

_______ is the branch of computer science that attempts to create computers that think like humans.

a) Natural language processing
b) Enterprise resource planning
c) Artificial intelligence
d) Expert systems

Artificial intelligence

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