Technology in Action Chapter 10

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What is the first step of the system development life cycle? (SDLC)?

a) Design
b) Analysis
c) Development and documentation
d) Problem and opportunity identification

Problem and opportunity identification

The final step of the system development life cycle (SDLC) is _______.

a) testing and installation
b) maintenance and evaluation
c) design
d) analysis

maintenance and evaluation

_______ is the process of translating a task into a series of commands that a computer will use to perform the task

a) Analyzing
b) Debugging
c) Programming
d) Diagramming


Which of the following is the final stage of the program developmental life cycle (PDLC)?

a) Testing and documentation
b) Coding
c) Making the plan
d) Debugging the code

Testing and documentation

The set of specific, sequential steps that describe exactly what a computer program must do to complete the work is called a(n) _______.

a) pseudocode
b) flowchart
c) algorithm
d) structure chart


Which of the following provides a visual representation of the patterns of an algorithm?

a) Flow analysis
b) Flowchart
c) Pseudocode
d) Gantt chart


_______ is a combination of natural language and programming language that is used to document algorithm.

a) Pseudocode
b) Flowcharting
c) Debugging
d) Diagramming


The keywords used in programming languages that use decisions to redirect the flow of a program are called _______.

a) pseudocode
b) flowcharts
c) control structures
d) operators

control structures

A loop decision point consists of three features: an initial value, a set of actions to be performed, and a(n) _______.

a) testing plan
b) test condition
c) operator
d) class

test condition

The flowchart shape for a process is a(n) _______.

a) rectangle
b) diamond
c) oval
d) parallelogram


_______ breaks down a problem into a series of high-level tasks and continues to break each task into successively more detailed subtasks.

a) Top-down design
b) Bottom-up design
c) Inheritance
d) Object-oriented analysis

Top-down design

Object-oriented _______ are defined by the information (data) and the actions (methods) associated with them.

a) blocks
b) units
c) classes
d) fields


In object-oriented programming, _______ allows new class to automatically use all the data and methods of an existing class.

a) scalability
b) inheritance
c) reusability
d) regression


The first-generation language is _______

a) assembly language
c) machine language

machine language

The capability of moving a completed programming solution easily from one type of computer to another is known as _______.

a) portability
b) scalability
c) inheritance
d) transferability


SQL is an example of a _______.

a) 2GL
b) 3GL
c) 4GL
d) 5GL


Which statement does NOT describe fifth generation languages?

a) The system of facts can be queried.
b) Problems are presented as a series of facts or constraints rather than as a specific algorithm.
c) They use a set of short, English-based commands (such as SUB) that speak directly to the CPU.
d) They are the most "natural" of languages.

They use a set of short, English-based commands (such as SUB) that speak directly to the CPU.

Translating an algorithm into a programming language is called _______.

a) coding
b) compiling
c) executing
d) interpreting


The process that converts program code into machine language is called _______.

a) compilation
b) variable declaration
c) execution
d) documentation


_______ is the instructions programmers have written in a higher-level language.

a) Executable code
b) Compiled code
c) Base code
d) Source code

Source code

An integrated development environment (IDE) is a ________.

a) program that helps interpret code
b) program that translates code into binary 1s and 0s and ignores comments
c) tool that converts one programming language into a different programming language
d) collection of tools that helps programmers write and test their programs

collection of tools that helps programmers write and test their programs.

Division by zero is a _______ error that is caught when the program executes.

a) logical
b) syntax
c) compiler
d) runtime


before its final commercial release, a(n) _______ version of software may be offered to certain test sites or to interested users free or at a reduced cost

a) general availability (GA)
b) gamma
c) release to manufacturers (RTM)
d) beta


_______ is a powerful programming language that can be used to create a wide range of Windows applications.

a) PHP
b) Visual Basic

Visual Basic

Which language is the most popular language for writing Apple OS X applications?

a) Objective C
b) C++
c) Java

Objective C

A small Java-based program is called a _______.

a) Java applet
b) Java class
c) JSP
d) JavaScript

Jave applet

Special symbols called tags are used in which of the following languages?

a) C#
c) C++
d) Java


Which of the following would NOT be used to build websites with interactive capabilities?

a) PHP (hypertext preprocessor)
b) Active Server Pages
c) Fortran
d) Java Server Pages


_______ enables users to define their own data-based tags and facilities exchange of information between websites.

a) XML
d) PHP


Corona and Magmito can be used to develop _______.

a) complex web applications
b) Mac software
c) apps for smartphones
d) Web pages

apps for smartphones

Data-flow diagrams trace all data in an information system from the point at which data enter the system to their final resting places.

True or False


The program specification is a clear statement of the goals and objectives of the project

True or False?


During the program debugging stage, the people who will use the program test the software.

True or False


Data are the raw inputs that users have at the start of the job

True or False?


The standard set of vocabulary for the pseudocode is specific and detailed

True or False?


The flowchart shape for input output is an oval.

True or False?


A data-flow diagram provides a visual representation of an algorithm.

True or False?


Bottom-up design is a systematic approach in which a problem is broken into a series of high-level tasks.

True or False?


When programmers need to create several different examples of a class, each is known as an object.

True or False?


Inheritance means that the data and methods of an existing class can be extended and customized to fit a new class.

True or False?


PROLOG is an example of a fourth-generation programming language.

True or False?


Second-generation languages are also knows as assembly languages.

True or False?


A compiler translates the source code into an intermediate form, line by line.

True or False?


One IDE can often be configured to support many different languages.

True or False?


Syntax errors are caught only when a program executes.

True or False?


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