Technology in Action- Ch. 4 assessment — quiz

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Software that is available on demand via the Internet is called?

Software as a Service (SaaS).

Software that allows an individual to track financial transactions is called?

personal financial software

Which type of program takes advantage of automatic recalculations and what-if analysis?


Which of the following is true about open source software?

The program can be changed and freely distributed.

Which program can you use to take notes in class?

all of the above **Noteability **Evernote **OneNote

The minimum set of recommended standards for a program is know as the?

system requirements

Which of the following statements about compressed audio files is FALSE?

The sound is noticeably different on the compressed audio files than on uncompressed audio files.

Which of the following is considered a benefit of using simulation programs?

all of the above **allow users to experience potentially dangerous without risk **they help to prevent costly errors **they allow users to train on software that is not installed on their systems

Which of the following is NOT necessary to do before installing beta software?

defragging the hard drive. **creating a restore point **backing up your system **ensuring your virus protection software is updated

Which software is best to use if you want to change the looks of your digital pictures?

image-editing program

Which software application would you use to calculate and manipulate numerical data?

all of the above **Microsoft office excel **Apple iWork Numbers **Apache OpenOffice Calc

PowToon and HaikuDeck are alternatives to?

Power point

Calendars, task, and email will be found in which application?


Which of the following describes copyleft?

terms enabling redistribution open source software

What is often distributed prior to a final release of software?

Beta Version

What should you check first to ensure software will work on your computer?

all of the above **type of operating system **the amount of available RAM **the available hard drive capacity

T or F : Productivity software suites are not available as web-based software.


T or F: A wizard is a software tool that offers a step-by-step guide through complicated task.


T or F: Removing red eye, cropping, and alternating pictures with pen-and brush-like tools are features of image-editing.


T or F: When you buy software, you then own it and can do anything you’d like with it, including giving it to friends to install on their machines.


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