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each device connected to a network is known as a


a small network used for communication between personal computing devices is a


the fastest broadband internet service is usually

fiber optic

the part of the network that establishes a communications channel between the nodes of the network is known as

transmission media

the device used to move data between two networks is called a


actual data throughput is usually higher on wired networks than on wireless networks


home networks are usually configured as a client/server network


___ is software that takes an existing internet connection and turns it into a wireless hotspot


a computer network is defined as two or more computers connected via ___ so that they can communicate with each other

software and hardware

a ___ is a device connected to a network such as a computer or game console


all of the following are benefits of networks EXCEPT

sharing an operating system

network architectures are classified according to

the way in which they are managed and the distance between their nodes

all of the following involve tasks for network administration, EXCEPT

purchasing initial equipment for the network

is the maximum speed at which data can be transferred between two nodes


all of the following are used to classify network architectures, EXCEPT

the number of nodes on the network

a ___ is a network located in your home that connects to all your digital devices


a large network designed to provide access to a specific geographic area, such as a large city is a


which transmission medium transmits data the fastest

fiber optic cable

a client/server network is an example of ___ administration


normal telephone cable is a type of

twisted pair cable

a peer to peer (P2P) network is an example of ___ administration


network adapters ___

enable nodes in a network to communicate with each other

the current version of wireless Ethernet is


sophisticated networks generally use which of the following hardware devices to ease the flow of data through the network

routers and switches

which of the following is NOT a type of cable used in wired networks

router cable

client/server networks are controlled by a central server that runs a specialized piece of software called

NOS (network operating system)

which of the following is NOT a type of UTP cable you would use in a wired Ethernet home network

Cat 7B

for the nodes on a network to communicate with each other and access the network, each node needs a

network adapters

data are sent through a network on bundles called


the most popular transmission media option for wired Ethernet networks is

unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) cable

wireless internet is available using

radio waves

all of the following operating systems support P2P networking, EXCEPT


using a network without the network owner’s permission is known as

piggy backing

SSID stands for

service set identifier

all of the following are extra precautions you can take to secure a wireless network EXCEPT

enable SSID braodcast

the unique number assigned to a network adapter by the manufacturer is referred to as the


connectify enables you to connect all your wifi-enabled devices through the same internet connection


a network must be three or more computers that are connected through software and hardware so they can communicate with each other


a client computer is the computer on which users accomplish specific tasks


sharing files is a benefit of a network


Ethernet networks are always connected using twisted-pair cable technology


p2p networks are more expensive than client/server networks


most computers today come with Ethernet adapters already installed


the capability of current devices to use earlier standards is known as backward compatibility


a p2p network needs network operating system software installed on every node


it is possible to limit your signal range on your home wireless network


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