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Today is January 23, 2015. Which guest could you legally serve alcohol to?

Someone born January 2, 1994

The best way to determine if a person is of legal age to purchase alcohol is to:

Check their ID for date of birth

As a seller/sever, if you sell alcohol to a minor, your employer could:

all of the above

In which of the following situations would you sell/serve an alcoholic beverage?

A gentleman walks up to the counter with a bottle of whiskey, you watched him walk through the store, he answers your questions directly and clearly, you do not smell alcohol on his breath and his eyes are clear.

An expired driver’s license is an acceptable form of identification as long as the photograph matches the person presenting the license.


When checking an ID, make sure the description matches the person, the photo matches the description, and…

Both A and C.

What is a good technique to use when trying to determine if customer is intoxicated?

all of the above.

When selling alcohol, a minor is defined as:

A person under the age of 21

Who is legally responsible for the sale of alcohol to a minor?

The seller/sever

Which of the following factors may impact a person’s Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC)?

age alcohol tolerance

In which situation would it be legal to sell a minor alcohol?

If there parents are present None of the above

In an approved public entertainment facility, which of the following is allowed?

A patron may enter or leave a licensed premise with an open alcoholic beverage as long as they remain in the facility.

It is legal for a person to have both a Texas Driver’s License and a Texas Identification Card.


By taking this course, you cannot be held liable if you sell to a minor or intoxicated person.


In order to remain certified, I have to:

Complete a seller training course every two years.

If a customer presents an ID where the physical description does not match the photograph of the person:

Do not accept the ID as proof of age because it may be forged or altered ID.

What is a good technique to use when trying to determine if a customer is intoxicated?

All of the above.

An example of an "On Premise" establishment is:

A restaurant that sells mixed drinks.

In which situation is it legal for a minor to possess alcohol?

When working at an establishment as a seller/sever.

Fatigue, medication, drugs, or illness can:

Increase the effect alcohol has on a person.

Today is January 23, 2015. Which guest could you legally serve alcohol to?

Someone born January 2, 1994.

When checking an ID for age, which of the following forms of identification will NOT offer you some protection as a seller?

A college card with no physical description.

Common alcoholic beverages include:

Both A and C.

Which of the following might make you a suspect that an ID is fake?

All of the above.

It is illegal for a minor to even attempt to purchase alcohol.


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