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How many Americans eat a meal in a fast food restaurant daily?

1/4 Americans

Why did Morgan make several doctors’ visits before he started this project?

So that he will be prepared and can do this and will be safe during this experiment

What is Morgan’s health status at the beginning of this project?

He is perfectly healthy

What effects do the doctors think this diet will have on Morgan?

Increase cholesterol level, heart disease, gaining weight, increase triglycerides

What is Morgan’s starting weight and body fat percentage?

Weight: 185.5 pounds Body fat: 11%

How many calories should Morgan eat each day to maintain his weight?

2500 cal

How many calories does Morgan eat each day on his McDonald’s diet?

5000 cal

How many steps in a mile of walking?

2000 steps

How many steps does an average office worker take in a day?

2500-3000 steps

How many steps does Morgan limit himself to?

5000 steps

How many McDonald’s are in Manhattan alone?


What does Morgan’s girlfriend do?

She’s a vegan chef

What are Morgan’s rules for this project?

1. Everything on the menu, eat at least one time 2. Supersize only if asked 3. Can only eat what is on the menu 4. He must eat all 3 meals

List 4 ways that McDonald’s markets directly to children?

1. Birthday parties 2. Playground 3. Happy meal 4. Clown

Why is McDonald’s marketing to children an issue?

It becomes a regular thing and they try to make people customers for life

How many slices of bread does 1 bagel equal?

5 slices

How many calories in a SuperSize fries?

600^ cal

How many calories in a small McDonald’s fries?

200 cal

How many ounces in a SuperSize soda?

1 liter (42 ounces)

How many ounces in a DoubleGulp soda from 7-11?

half a gallon (64 ounces)

How much sugar is in that DoubleGulp soda?

48 teaspoons

What has happened to the rate of obesity in children and teens in the U.S. in recent years?

It doubled

1 in 4 American children will develop what disease?


Why is diabetes a big health issue? Especially if a child develops it before 15?

They’ll lose 17-24 years of their life

How does Morgan feel after his first Supersize meal? Why did this happen?

He gets a stomachache and throws it up because he was used to a healthy lifestyle, since his girlfriend is a vegan chef

What does one of the scientist mean when he refers to us eating and living in a "toxic environment"?

People promote other people to eat bad food.

Why do people compare cigarette smokers and overweight people?

They are the two leading causes of death that are preventable

Why is the processing of Chicken McNuggets a health issue?

Because it contains hormones and is processed meat, so it’s basically the whole chicken

Who did the first graders recognize the best?

Ronald McDonald

What is the main issue regarding the comparative advertising budgets of companies?

Fast foods have more money to advertise than other companies

What is the fattest state? Which city?

Houston, Texas

How much weight does Morgan gain in 5 days?

10 pounds

How much weight does he gain at his 2nd weigh-in?

203 pounds; gained 7 pounds

What are the results of Morgan’s first blood tests?

Cholesterol is too high

What is the general health of Morgan’s liver after this project?

The liver is sick and can’t keep up with the filtering

Why is the health of Morgan’s liver that declines the most during this project?

The little nutrients and the fatty diet

Explain what a gastric-bypass is.

It’s the reducing the gallbladder to like a small apple

On day 21 what do Morgan’s doctors tell him to do?

Quit this diet because it was becoming a serious issue

What’s physiologically going on inside his body at these different times?

He begins to crave for McDonalds and becomes addicted to it. His adrenaline goes up and down to depression

What are the results of Morgan’s final weigh in?

24 and a half pounds gained in 1 month

What was the result of the McDonald’s lawsuit court case?

They passed a Cheeseburger Bill, saying that people cannot sue fast food restaurants

How long does it take Morgan to lose all the weight he gained in his 30 day project?

1 year and 2 months (14 months) 5 months: 20 pounds 9 months : 4 and a half pounds

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