Super Size Me

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What country is the fattest in the world?


How many Americans are overwieght/obese?

+100 Million

What % of USA is overwieght/obese?


What is the fattest state in the USA?


Since 1980 the amount of obese children has what?


Obesity is the number (blank) preventable death in america, what is the number one preventable cause?

second, smoking

How many deaths per year are related to obesity?


what leads to weight gain in America?

eating out

One in (blank) Americans visit a fast food resturant.

four (1/4)

How many McDonalds are their world wide?


How many people does McDonalds serve everyday worldwide?

46 Million

What % of the fast food market does McDonalds represent?


Who was the star of Super Size me?

Morgan Spurlock

How long was his "McDonalds Challenge"?

30 Days

What % of Americans get no exercise at all?


Most Americans walk no more than (blank) steps per day


How far does an average New Yorker walk per day?

4-5 miles

How many McDonalds are in NYC (22.4 sq mil)


How many McDonalds are in NYC per sq. mil?


The small size of a soda in the US is a (blank) size in France.


Rules for Morgan Spurlock in Super Size me are:

1.Only Super Size when asked 2.Only eat McDonalds products 3. Try everything on the menu 4. Must have 3 meals a day

Americans eat out for what % of their meals?


What tools does McDonalds use to to appeal to kids?

1.Playgrounds 2.Birthday Parties 3.Happy Meals 4.Ronald McDonald the clown (****ing scary)

What is a national health epidemic?


What is the serving size of meat set by the Federal Government?

3 oz.

How many serving sizes of food do restaurants usually serve?

4-5 servings

How many calories does a bagel contain and how many sizes of bread does that come out to be?

500-600 cal, 5 pieces of bread

How many calories did the original size of fries contain?


How many calories are in a large serving or fries?


A 12 oz drink use to be a small, what size is it considered now?

A kid’s size

What have cars introduced that can hold up to a 1/2 gallon of liquid and contain between 500-600 calories?

Bigger cup-holders to hold "Big Gulp cups" (or just larger cup sizes)

What almost guarantees a rise in obesity?

Toxic food, physical inactivity, and access to cheap/fatty foods

How many soda machines are there nationwide?

3 million (1 for every 97 people)

Weight gain can lead to what health problems?

1.Hypertension 2.Coronary Heart Disease 3.Stroke 4.Gallbladder Disease 5.Osteoarthritis 6.Sleep Apnea 7.Respiratory Issues 8.Cancer 9.Type 2 Diabetes -Insulin resistance (compared to Type 1 where enough insulin is not produced) 10.Cystic Ovarian Syndrome

If the trend of childhood obesity continues one in (blank) children born in 2000 will develop diabetes later in life.

three (1/3)

17 Million Americans or one in (blank) have Type 2 Diatebes

20 (1/20)

How many years of life may you lose if diabetes begins before the age of 15?

17-27 (***** we made it)

Medical costs have doubled to (blank) in the past 5 years.

$92 Billion (thats a lot of drinks dt)

What % of obese childre have elevated liver function?


McDonalds stated what in their defense when confronted about the health risks frequent consumption of their food can cause?

That it is a "matter of common knowledge that the food processing that their food undergoes makes their food more harmful than unprocessed alternatives"

McNuggets are made from chickens pumped with what?


How many food advertisements does the average american child see per year?


What % of food commercials are for sugared cereals, soft drinks, and candy?


How much did McDonalds spend last year on direct advertisement?

$1.4 Billion

How much did Hershey’s spend last year on direct advertisement?

$200 Million

How much did the 5 A Day Fruit and Veggie Campaign spend last year on direct advertisement?

$2 Million

What is Fructose?


What percentage of American homes do NOT have internet access?

50% (missing out on Dexter yo)

What percentage of McDonalds in the film had posted nutritional info about their products?


What percentage of McDonalds had NO nutritional information posted whatsoever?


Are kids eating more than the food than they buy in school cafeterias?


How many grams of sugar are in a Country Time Lemonade?


What company services 400 school districts a day and why?

Sodexo, bc they were the lowest bidder

What is the minimum number of minutes per day of exercise recommended by the Surgeon General?

30 min.

What act was passed in 2001 resulting in recess being cut out on school schedules in order to prepare for testing?

No Child Left Behind

What is a calorie?

The measure of energy a food source contains or The amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of a liter of water by 1 degree Celsius when an energy source is burned

What are the 7 items on the McDonalds menu that contains ZERO sugar?

1.French Fries 2.Iced Tea 3.Diet Coke 4.McNuggets 5.Hash-browns 6.Sausage 7.Coffee

What organ was Morgan Spurlock "wiping out" with his new high fat diet?


What did the food affect in the star of the film?

His mood and appetite

What % of people eating McDonalds at least once a day are "heavy users" of fast food?


What % or people are "super heavy users" those who eat McDonalds multiple times a week)


How many nutritionists were called in for the film?


Out of the 100 nutritionists called in said to never eat McDonalds?


How much is spent on diet products and weight loss programs each year in America?

$30 Billion

Why does the fast food industry have lobbyists in D.C.?

1.To ensure no government agency says to eat less of fast food products 2.To make sure the government does not pass any legislation unfavorable to to the fast food market

What were the effects to Morgan Spurlock’s body after the experiment?

1.Gained 24.5 lbs (nahh bruh) 2.Liver turned to fat 3.Cholesterol was raised 65 points 4.Had a 11-15% body fat increase 5.Doubled his risk of Coronary Heart Disease 6.Became depressed and exhausted 7.Sex life was non-existent (DAMN) 8.Mood Swings 9.Massive cravings and headaches

How many grams of fat does a Premium Salad have and what % of your daily fat intake does that represent?

51g, 79%

How many times was Spurlock asked if he wanted to "Super Size" his meals?

9 (5 in Texas)

How many lbs of sugar did he consume that month?

30 lbs

How many lbs of fat did he consume that month?

12 lbs

What bill was passed by Congress that makes it illegal to sue fast food companies for making one obese?

The Cheeseburger Bill (LOL WTF RLLY)

What is the fattest city in America?


How many cities has Texas added to the "Fattest Cities in America" list?


How long ager the release of "Super Size Me" did McDonalds eliminate the Super Size Me option?

6 weeks

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