Stress Management Chapter 10

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The purpose of meditation is to

Gain control over your attention

A relaxation technique involving the use of a Sanskrit word as the object of focus is called


A geometric figure used as the object of focus during meditation is called a(n)


Pranayama is

A Hindu practice that involves breathing as the object of focus during meditation

Nadam is

Imagined sounds used as the object of focus during meditation

Unanswerable, illogical riddles used as the object of focus during meditation are called


Mantra is defined as

A word used as the object of focus during meditation

Another name for trophotropic response is

Relaxation response

The best time to meditate is

Before rising

Which of the following should be avoided before meditating?

All of these should be avoided

Guidelines offered for relaxation techniques in this text are based on

Both cognitive and physical issues

Relaxation techniques for cognitive issues include:

Autogenic training

Relaxation techniques for physical issues include:

Progressive relaxation

The ability to switch off irrelevant brain networks and maintain an internal focus is


Meditation is simply a mental exercise that affects body processes


The object of focus is called the figure, and the objects in the background are called the ground


An early researcher of Zen masters found that they could slow respiration and could control their heart rates


Meditation has been demonstrated to have positive effects on blood pressure, heart rate, and eating disorders


When practicing meditation, it’s a good idea to try meditating in a noisy environment to see if you really know how to relax "under pressure"


Meditation involves focusing on your stressors to enable you to deal with them more effectively


Trying a relaxation technique for less than one week may not give you adequate practice to know if it’s a technique that is effective for you


Meditation increases blood flow to the brain and decreases blood flow to the legs and arms


There have been no scientific studies of the effects of meditation, only psychological studies


Heart rhythm meditation requires one to experience all emotions simultaneously


Consciousness meditation recognizes the importance of the boundary between the self and others


Herbert Benson’s relaxation response is also known as secular meditation.


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