Statistics Exam 1

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A __________ is a numerical summary of a sample.


A __________ is a numerical summary of a population.


A matched-pairs design is an experimental design in which the experimental units are ___________.

lurking variable

A _____________ is an explanatory variable that was not considered in a study, but that affects the value of the response variable in the study.

Simple random sampling

__________ is the process of using chance to select individuals from a population to be included in the sample.


In a relative frequency distribution, the sum of relative frequencies should be ______.


A ______ is the difference between the corresponding observed and predicted values.


The sum of the deviations about the mean always equals _________.


The first quartile of the data 2, 4, 6, 6, 8, 9, 9, 10 is _________.


For a bell-shaped data distribution, __________ of data are within one standard deviation of the mean.


The mean and standard deviation of a sample are 12 and 3, respectively. The z-score of the data 18 is _________.


Inferences based on voluntary response samples are generally not reliable.


If the results of the sample are not representative of the population, then the sample has bias.


Generally, the goal of an experiment is to determine the effect that treatments will have on the response variable.


A data set will always have exactly one mode.


The 75th percentile is the value that separates the lower 75% of data from the upper 25%.


The correlation coefficient r between two variables x and y can be +2 .


A designed experiment is a controlled study conducted to determine the e?ect that varying one or more explanatory variable has on a response variable.


If the scatter diagram of the residues has a pattern, then the least-squares regression line is not the appropriate model.

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