Stability & Range of Motion

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Why do women typically tend to have slightly greater stability than men?

Women have lower centers of gravity, and lower centers of gravity provide more stability.

Synovial joints have the greatest range of flexibility and motion.


Which of the following statements BEST explains why ball-and-socket joints have the greatest range of motion?

The cup shape of the socket allows for nearly circular motion.

Which of the following describes the BEST strategy for increasing a specific joint’s range of motion?

applying the principles of overload and progression to exercise the joint

Which of the following terms describes the straightening of a joint, rather than the bending?


Which of the following BEST explains why stability is an important skill for athletes?

Without good stability, athletes are too clumsy to perform well.

The thumb is the only saddle joint in the human body.


A condition often referred to as being double-jointed is an example of __________.


Why does range of motion need to be measured separately for each joint?

Each joint has a different range of motion.

Hyperextension bends a joint in the opposite direction as flexion.


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