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large organizations

strategic leaders are responsible for ________ and influence several thousand to hundreds of thousands of people.

staff; manage; resources

Organizational leaders have _______ to help them lead their people and _______ their organizations ______

several hundred to several thousand

How many people do organizational leaders influence?

Strategic leadership

Includes military and civilian leaders at the major command through Department of Defense levels

Creates a positive environment , Develops others leaders, Prepares self

What are the items listed in the second category of core leader competencies?

Lead; Develop; Achieve

What are the categories of core leader competencies?

1 to 5 years or more

How long do organizational leaders focus on midrange planning and mission accomplishment?

Establish long-term vision, Empower others to perform the mission, Manage multiple priorities, Setting policy

In addition to the direct leader requirements, what are other duties and responsibilities required of organizational leaders?


Leadership involves running the Army; developing strategic plans, policies, … to the highest levels of DOD and the government.


Which influence technique (used by leaders) occurs when leaders establish their authority as the basis for a resource requisition when it may not be obvious?


Applied when leaders use explicit demands to achieve compliance.


Occurs when leaders ask other to take part in processes to address a problem or meet an objective.


Occurs when the leader fires up enthusiasm for a request by arousing strong emotions to build conviction.


Occurs when leaders offer to provide some desired item or action in trade for compliance with a request.

Personal Appeals

Occurs when the leader asks the follower to comply with a request based on friendship or loyalty.

authentic; sincere

To succeed and create true commitment, influencing techniques should be perceived as _______ and _______________

the state of the organizations and their component elements

Assessing situations reliably – and looking at is _________________________________________________________ critical for organizational leaders to achieve consistent results and mission success.

instinct; intuition

Accurate assessment requires their (organizational leaders) _________ and __________ based on the reliability of information and their sources.


Because their decisions can have wide-ranging effects that affect the organization’s climate, leaders must be more _________ to how their actions affect the organization’s climate.

Increased resource needs for training material

When the Army Chief of Staff approves a new military occupational specialty code for the Army, the consequences are wide-ranging.


As an Army leader, a Soldier from another culture comes to you with the feeling of not fitting in. By taking the time to listen to, understand, and mentor the Soldier, which Army Value are you most exemplifying?

Moral courage

Which Army Value do you demonstrate when you stand up for what you believe is right and take full responsibility for your decisions and actions?

Uphold high ethical standards of behavior

Which action reflects character in an Army leader?

intimidate and insult subordinates

You are more likely to have a higher rate of misconduct in your units if you

Ethical reasoning

Which of the following do you use to find moral solutions to diverse problems when planning, preparing, executing, and assessing operations?


Deepening Soldiers’ ____________ translates into strengthening the foundation of Army Values in them.

listen to your supervisor

Verify the order and explain your concerns

choose to comply or continue with dissent

Ask yourself if problem is an ethical or legal problem

present your supervisor with some respectful goals

See if there are alternatives at that point


Which principle for reflecting on the right conduct of war requires the selection of military targets and the avoidance of international destruction of civilian targets?

jus in bello

The right conduct of war is known as ___________

jus ad bellum

The Just War tradition, taught in Army schools, considers the principles of just resort to war known as ________________

Staff Assistance Visits

The Equal Opportunity Staff Advisor or other staff personnel may conduct a climate assessment to provide the commander feedback status and execution of the command’s EO program

informal assessment tools

Rap sessions and suggestion boxes are types of ______.

Race, Gender, Religion

Perception refers to which of the following as it applies to climate assessment?

Assessment process key elements

Action planning and intervention strategies are what?

The Equal Opportunity Advisor (EOA)

possess extensive training in conducting climate assessment and can assist in the assessment process to include developing appropriate intervention strategies.

As part of the EO program

The Commander should schedule climate assessments as an integral part of what?

Keep Assessment Focused

During the assessment it’s easy to lose sight of what is being evaluated. The key to the assessment process is to remain focused on the relationships and effectiveness of Soldiers and their leaders within the organization.

Communicate with Subordinate Leaders

What is the best method for senior leaders to ensure their subordinate leaders and other key staff personnel are involved in the assessment process?

Begin the Assessment

The process starts at the top of the organization with the intent of evaluating how policies and decisions of the organization are interpreted and carried out by subordinate leaders and Soldiers.

Implement the Plan

Agree on the actions necessary to improve leader performance; your subordinate must buy into this plan if it’s going to work.

Survey/Assess Your Unit

Determine the assessment to conduct and tools you will use to assess the command climate. Examples are Command Climate Survey (CCS), Ethical Climate Assessment Survey (ECAS), DEOMI Equal Opportunity Climate Survey (DEOCS) and Unit Climate Profile (UCP).

90 days, 180 days

AR 600-20 Army Command Policy requires all company, troop, and battery equivalent commanders to conduct a climate and training needs assessment within ______ days of assuming command (______ days for reserve component), and annually thereafter.


Which Command Climate Survey is used for surveying both military and civilian personnel?


The Command Climate Survey was specifically designed for use at what commander level?

Job satisfaction

A Soldier’s interest in and liking their work, along with a perceived usefulness of the job they are responsible for refers to what?

standardized, progressive, sequential

The primary objective of the AFTB is to improve the overall readiness of the force by teaching and promoting personal and family readiness through ________, ___________, and _________ education of family members.

Strengthen self-reliance, Promote retention, Educate and empower members of the military community

Which of the following are part of the mission of the AFTB?

Develop skills and encourage behaviors, Enhance readiness

Which of the following are part of the mission of the AFTB?

level 2

Which level of AFTB focuses on emerging leaders within the Army Community, teaching the tools they need such as volunteer management, effective leadership, and networking with community agencies?

Level 3 Advanced

Which level of AFTB training is for family members who have more experience with the Army, having goals of improving their leadership skills, both personally and professionally, and will to share life experiences with more junior family members?

Family Assistance

What is the contractual obligation the Army has to provide for assisting its Soldiers and their family members with dependent family members?

Family Readiness

Which program is a mutual reinforcement program provided to Soldiers, civilian employees, retirees (regardless of marital status), and their Family members both immediate and extended?

Family Readiness

The USAR has a reliable program called the __________ Program; which is dedicated to equip families with necessary tools to reach that higher standard of family caring and overall quality of life during deployments.

Total Force Concept

The Army maintains a " _____________" which consolidates the Active, Army reserve and Army National Guard into one.

family; greatest contributor

The ARNG recognizes and acknowledges the ______________ as perhaps the single ________________ to the ARNG member’s ability to train, mobilize, and deploy in support of state and federal missions.


In the National Guard, the family’s role in both readiness and __________ is a critical one.

time, commitment, support

The National Guard contributes immeasurably in _________________, _____________, and __________ of the National Guard member’s acquisition of skills and training.


Family Readiness is the level of ______________ families and their guard members have in preparation for the call of state or federal active duty.

An information medium, a welcoming organization

A self-help, referral organization; A source of social support and group activities; A unit family dedicated to achieving social and military goals

According to the Family Readiness Handbook, the FRB is which of the following?

Support commander’s Family readiness goals; Identify important FRG and Family issues for the command; Ensure Families get timely and accurate information from the command; Establish effective communication systems with Families

critical; units’

Rear detachment commander (RDC) duty is _________ to the success of the _____________ function and Family support efforts.


is a critical

Inform the commander of the status of the ASAP and of trends in alcohol and other drugs abuse in the unit.

One of the primary responsibilities of the UPL is to do what?

The officer or non-commissioned officer (E-5 or above) must be on orders as the UPL.

When selecting a Unit Prevention Leader (UPL) the commander must take into consideration which of the following qualifications?

The UPL will develop, coordinate, and deliver informed prevention education and training to the unit.

Whose responsibility is it to develop coordinate, and deliver informed prevention education and training to the unit?

A national background check is recommended. With the information provided through the background check, the unit commander will have final decision regarding UPL’s eligibility.

Which of the following is true about selecting a UPL?

Maintain liaison with the servicing ASAP counseling center or medical unit when deployed.

What responsibility does the UPL have when a unit is deployed?

CNS Stimulants

CNS Stimulants

are drugs that increase the chemical and electrical activity of the central nervous system (CNS)


Mind-altering drugs

Ketamine, Ecstasy, LSD, GHB

What are four drugs that are commonly identified as being "Club" drugs?


The ______________ program is based upon the severity of the individual’s involvement with substance abuse and may provide individual, group, and/or family counseling on either an outpatient or inpatient basis.

Alcohol and other Drug Abuse Prevention Training

What does the acronym ADAPT stand for?

Army Center for Substance Abuse Programs

What does the acronym ACSAP stand for?

AR 190-11

Which regulation cover the different classes of Arms, Ammunition, and Explosives?

SF 700

Which Standard Form lists the combination of the container along with points of contact if the container is found unsecured?

DA PAM 190-51

Which regulation states the guidelines required to establish the security requirements of the assets within your unit?

AR 190-51

Which regulation addresses Risk Analysis and Physical Security Standards?

SF 701

Units that access, process, or store classified information will establish a system of security checks at the close of each working day to ensure that all classified material is properly secured. Which form is used to record these checks?

Determine the risk levels

Which of the following is NOT part of the Evaluation Procedure?

Assets, and Location

likelihood rating


Security patrols are conducted every _____ hours for IDS protected storage facilities.

Risk level


Physical security standards include both physical protective measure and __________ requirements.

Senior (Color) Sergeant

Who carries the National Colors and Commands the Color Guard?


Outside the entrance of the dining area

When posting the Colors in a dining area, auditorium, or meeting hall, where does the Color guard form?

Sir, request permission to retire the Colors

Which command is given by the Color sergeant while retiring the Colors upon reporting to the host?


When uncasing the Colors with the command present, who directs UNCASE THE COLORS?

downwind, away

eight; five; one

For ceremonial firing, the firing party consists of not more than _______ rifleman and less than _____ with _________ NCOIC.

Band, Colors, salute battery, and formation of troops

What does an honor guard consist of?

Aim and Fire

Which commands are given to continue the firing with weapons that must be manually operated to chamber another round (with blank adaptors) whole directing the firing party?

2-3 days

How long must committing officials wait before approving performance request for the band following block leave?

AR 638-2

Which Army Regulation governs the authority, jurisdiction, duties of the Summary Court Martial Officer, the person eligible to receive effects, and the proper disposition of personal effects?

Memorial Service

Which type of ceremony is religiously oriented and should be sensitive to the deceased Soldier’s faith group and the needs of the Soldiers attending?

Memorial Ceremony

Which type of ceremony is a command program with a ceremonial orientation and attendance of Soldiers may be made mandatory after the death of a Soldier.

Memorial Service

Unit Ministry Team

Who provides opportunities for paying tribute to fallen Soldiers, as well as provide religious support and encouragement to unit survivors?

discouraged; perceptions

Chapel use is _________ to avoid ____________ of ritualistic or mystic overtones that go directly against the intended result.


Typical Army promotion effective dates occur on the ________ day of a month and when possible, so should the induction ceremony.

Battalion CSM

Who serves as the host of the NCO Induction Ceremony?

Copies of the NCO Creed, one per inductee

In accordance with FM 7-22-2, which of the following is one of the items that should be available for the Induction Ceremony?

Be used as an opportunity for hazing

Which of the following does NOT describe an Induction Ceremony?

The source of information you provide to the NOK concerning a casualty incident.

What is casualty reporting?

NOK of an individual who has been reported as a casualty

As the CNO, you notify the _______________in a timely professional and dignified manner.

Battalion commanders

ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information submitted on the DA Form 1156, which captures the essential information used in making NOK notification.

When an investigation is still pending, inform the family of such and contact the family again as soon as the investigation is complete.

What is a responsibility of the commander of a deceased Soldier as it pertains to casualty assistance?

Only the CAO assists and counsels the PNOK or other designated beneficiary on all matters pertaining to the deceased.

CNO’s and CAO’s may have some responsibilities that are the same

Casualty reporting during hostilities

which special circumstances do commander have to periodically review procedures for casualty reporting and casualty operations?


For reporting suspected friendly fire casualties, submit an INIT or SUPP casualty report with detailed circumstances in item 39. Indicate either "Amigo", "Buddy" or _______ in item 40 on the casualty report.


In the event of an attack on the U.S., emergency procedures for casualty reporting require the _____ where incident took place to report Soldiers on TDY.

Unique or bizarre circumstances resulting in a casualty that can be expected to generate media interest, Any casualty incident involving a person subject to special interest

Which of the following casualty incidents have been designated as special interest casualty matters?


What are the categories in which medical authorities must properly classify an individual report the person as wounded, injured, or ill?

Spouse, children, eldest parent

Which order in the line of succession do you follow to identify the PNOK?

Notify PNOK by telephone immediately, Speak hurriedly or continuously refer to notes when talking to the NOK, Leave word or notes with neighbors to have the NOK call you, Discuss entitlements for death cases at time of notification


Notify the PNOK of a reported injured or ill casualty within __________ hours of receipt of the INIT casualty report.


During hostilities, the primary notification of injured or ill casualties rests with _________ if rear detachment does not complete notification in reasonable time.


Provide SUPP and PROG information to the PNOK as soon as it is available for SI, or ill VSI at a minimum of every __________ hours, and for NSI at a minimum of five days or until released from the medical facility.

attending physician

After the CMAOC notifies the PNOK of a person in an MTF classified as VSI, CMAOC will facilitate follow-up communication between the PNOK and the ______________.

NOK of Soldier in AWOL status, NOK of Soldiers who die during full time National Guard duty, NOK of active duty Soldiers including RC members

Which of the following NOK are entitled to a CAO?

Someone with similar military background as the deceased

Direct all inquiries on nonrecovered remains or validity of identification of remains to CMAOC.

What is a role of the CAO when assisting the NOK of deceased individuals?


The CACs responsible for providing casualty assistance to the NOK of deceased active duty Soldiers will contact the NOK after receipt of the ______ to confirm the NOK is satisfied that all needed assistance has been rendered.

communication, negotiation, critical reasoning, interpersonal skills

Organizational leader’s policies influence the command climate, and they must be adept in the following areas: _______, ___________, __________,___________

resource needs for training

The Army Chief of Staff approves a new military occupational specialty code for the Army with wide ranging consequences second-order

character, presence, and intellect

The leader attributes that best describe how an individual behaves and learns within an environment are:


conscientiousness internalize

– Develop and evaluate COAs.
-Define the problem,
-know the rules

The steps that included in the ethical reasoning process are: – Develop and evaluate COAs. In this case, COA stands for Course of Action. We need to know what options are available to us before we took an action. -Define the problem, so we can match it with the COAs that available for us. -know the rules

perceived by members of the organization as it relates to race, gender, color, religion, national origin, and sexual harassment. In short, it determines if a unit s climate is both positive and healthy.

The purpose of climate assessments is to provide the leadership a snapshot picture of a unit as it is ___________ by ________________


Which area listed below is not one of the 21 areas included on the command climate survey? housing


Days is a reasonable time limit; conducting the assessment over a longer period of time might jeopardize the quality of information.? Thirty

Unit Climate Profile (UCP

The is a self-diagnostic instrument administered at company level which is organized into 21 areas that address unit issues such as leadership and other human relations topics (((UCP)))?

KISS (Keep It Simple and Short

Which climate assessment strategy should be utilized to keep those involved in the assessment process from becoming over involved or overwhelmed by the assessment?

The desired outcome.
The scope and sequencing of events.
Resources and required time schedules.
Action planning and intervention strategies

The key elements that will affect climate assessment process include which of the following?


Which level of the AFTB program teaches participants terms and acronyms better financial readiness and the impact of the army’s mission on a daily life?

Independence, self sufficiency

AFTB teaches family members the Army’s culture and the life skills needed for?

nine (9)

The Guard Family Team Building (GFTB) program can be taken online or with a certified visiting GFTB instructor? The program consists of _____ online classes.

Army National Guard

Each state is responsible for establishing a family program that supports which of the following?


Disinhibition amnesia respiratory distress aggressive behavior and blackouts lasting up to 24 hours are effects of which type of cns depressant? Rohypnol

12 Months

The soldiers selected to be the UPL should have a maximum retainability in the unit of at least?

nausea/vomiting bone marrow damage sight/vision disorder

Effects of inhalants include which of the following army?

The flags carried by Color-bearing units are called the national and organizational colors. The Colors may be carried in any formation in which two or more company honor guards or representative elements of a command participate

The flags carried by Color-bearing units are called the national and organizational colors. The Colors may be carried in any formation in which two or more company honor guards or representative elements of a command participate

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