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What are the three levels of cultural proficiency?

~cultural awareness ~cultural understanding ~cultural expertise

Includes culture-specific knowledge skills and attributes that pertain to a given country or region developed by lifelong study of a region and through tailored training during preparation for deployment?

Regional competence

Which of following is not a strategy by developing cultural expertise?

Educate others on your culture and the expectations you have of them

Soldiers and leaders with the ability to advise commanders of the region on military operations exhibit?

Cultural Expertise

Which of the following choices identify social science characteristics for a population?

~Daily or weekly schedule schedule of most citizens ~Whether warring groups have ever lived together peacefully

Which of the following choices identify economic characteristics for a population?

~fixed or negotiable pricing ~exports and local products ~wages

The army is tasked with the primary responsibility for developing airborne doctrines procedures and equipment that are of common interest to the Army and the?

US Marine Corps

Which military service conducts security and stability operations and assist with the initial establishment of a military government pending transfer of this responsibility to another authority?

US Marine Corps

Which branch of service was once known as the revenue marine?

US Coast Guard

DMSP satellites are used to collect specialized meteorological, ___ , ___ and information in all weather conditions.?

~oceanographic ~solar-geophysical

Which individual is skilled in water operations amphibious techniques and trained on motorcycles snowmobiles rappelling and fast rope procedures?

Combat controller

The Value of military space operations including communications intelligence navigation missile warning and?

Persian Gulf War

An interview "do" is best described by which of the following?

answer only one question at a time

An interview "don’t" is best described by which of the following?

videotape sensitive areas or objects

When participating in media interviews you must follow DoD policy?

directly responsible

Part of OPSEC responsibilities policy is to not publicly reference disseminate or publish critical or sensitive information that has already been ____?


Which of the following are part of the department of defense (DOD) principles of information?

~Availability ~Classification ~Withholding

Details concerning manning, equipment, training, funding, and casualties are all included as part of ___ information that should be protected from disclosure?


Which of the following choices pertain to the three pools of ARFORGEN?

~Reset ~Train/Ready ~Available

Which of the following are levels of readiness that each individual unit must progress through in the ARFORGEN process?

~Manning ~sustaining ~equipping

The ARFORGEN cycle period is blank months for active army?


When was the ARFORGEN model introduced as a cyclic Readiness model designed to better prepare the army’s war fighting units?

October 2005

____ are described as the integrated employment during military operations?

Information Operations

Which of the following types of Soldier and leader engagements exist in iia?

~Deliberate ~Dynamic

Activities occurring in through or by means of the information environment have a effect on an operational environment?


___ have the responsibility to conduct public affairs operations that inform U.S. audiences of their military operations to the fullest extent possible?


___ is an example of a designated information-related capability IRC?

public affairs

The ___ dimensions of the information environment is composed of C2 systems key decision-makers and supporting infrastructures?


The army carries out the central idea of unified land operations?

conflict resolution

Leadership information, mission command, movement and maneuver, intelligence, fires, sustainment, and protection make up eight elements of?

combat power

The decisive action task defined as an overarching term?


Which of the following are founding principles of the Unified Land Operations doctrine?

~Synchronization ~Lethality

Initiative originates in the offense principle of war with the goal of changing the situation?

~Operational initiative ~Individual initiative

The object is more than just killing enemy personnel and destroying their equipment it is to break the enemy’s will ..?

Compelling the enemy to respond

In hostile territory civil capabilities include resources that military forces can take and use within the constraints of?

international law

Ca soldiers analyze people, including key communicators and the?

formal and informal

CA forces and CAO planners support unified land operations at the?

~Operational ~tactical ~strategic

The goal of Nation Assistance (NA) is to promote?

long term regional stability

People both individually and collectively can have what type of impact on military operations?

~Positive ~Negative ~No Impact

Is civil or military assistance rendered to a nation by U.S. forces within its territory during peacetime crisis or war based upon agreements mutually concluded between the United Stated and that nation?

National Assistance (NA)

Initiative originates in the offense principle of war with the goal of changing the situation?

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