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Facts are defined as verifiable pieces of information (or information presented that has objective reality) and are located in which of the following sources?

~Personal experience ~Plans and Orders ~Regulations

What should you consider when defining unfamiliar terms?

The intended audience

Criteria are defined as , rules or tests by which something can be judged


Which of the following are steps in the problem-solving process

~Develop criteria ~Compare possible solutions ~Implement the decision

Use screening criteria to ensure the solutions you consider can solve the problem and define the acceptable solutions?


After a decisionmaker has selected a COA, the formal implementing instructions can be issued as a ___, ___, or command directive.

~policy letter ~memorandum of instruction

ATRRS supports the planning, ___ , ___ and program execution phases of the training process?

~programming ~development

Which of the following choices are supported by RFMSS?

~live training asset allocation ~creation and management of surface danger zone

What does EPSQ stand for?

Electronic Personnel Security Questionnaire

Medical readiness data tracked in MEDPROS includes which of the following?

~DNA samples ~medical warng tags ~personal deployment meds

The quantity of munitions a weapon system and its table of organization and equipment designated munitions carriers are designed to hold defines?

Combat Load

DTS supports which of the following?

~Generation of travel authorizations ~Trip reservations ~Route travel requests for approval

Which agency assigned to OPM orchestrates the investigation process known as a background check?


Which of the following areas are covered by eMILPO?

~Personnel Services ~Reassignments ~PERSTEMPO

Like the Army’s history, the history of the NCO began in ___ with the birth of the Continental Army.


In what year did the army establish a systematic method for selecting ncos?


Which of the following are true for Soldiers in the 1870s who married without permission?

~They could face insubordination charges ~Many married anyway and created communities around posts

In 1778 inspector general Friedrich von Steuben standardized NCO duties and responsibilities in his book (commonly called the Blue Book) and they served as the primary regulation for the Army for years?


The nco represents what is most noble about our nation:

~Liberty ~Unity

In what era did the signal corps establish the first school for training officers and NCOs?

Post-Civil War

All military operations take place within an information environment by military forces.?

not controlled

Despite technological improvements and increased situational awareness at every level small unit leaders must still make quick decisions that take advantage of?


The life of the typical college student is characterized by the spent studying attending class and socializing with peers is an example of what type of thesis statement?


The outline requiring that each heading should be divided into two or more parts is an example of?


The first part of the enthymeme "If you have a plasma TV" is the stated ___. The second part of the statement "you are not poor" is the conclusion.


According to the MLA handbook for writers of research papers sixth edition a thesis statement is a ___ that formulates both your topic and your point of view?

single sentence

Which of the following are elements of a good paragraph(TTEB)?

~Transition sentence ~Brief wrap-up sentences ~Specific evidence

The following example demonstrates what type of outline?


What part of the paper helps you organize your ideas and shows the relationships among ideas in your writing?


When proofreading taking time to carefully look over your writing will help you catch errors you might otherwise miss always read through your writing slowly because?

reading at normal speed does not allow your eyes time to catch errors

Primary and secondary sources are ___ the of a research paper and provide its ___

~heart ~nourishment

The anxiety frequently felt by many students when faced with writing a research paper is due to being ___ and inexperienced with this genre of writing.?


Online scholarly journal article without a DOI requires a URL but do not require a?

retrieval date

If you only cite an abstract but the full text of the articles is also available cite the online abstract as other online citations adding?


A research paper is which of the following?

The culmination and final product of an involved process of research.

Please note that the APA style guide to electronic references warns writers that wikis are collaborative projects which ___ guarantee the verifiability or expertise of their entries.


Fair use handout 17 usc 107 provides the conditions that allow the limited use of copyrighted works and includes which of the following?

~The effect of the use on the original work ~The amount or percentage of the work used ~The nature of the copyright work

When identifying the audience there are two extremes on the pendulum-course…?


When looking for solutions to problems involving a variety of factors you need a problem solving process?


A problem exists when the current condition differs from a desired condition. This idea defines which step in problem-solving?

Identify the problem

In ___ pldc became a mandatory prerequisite for promotion to staff sergeant and was the first time an Ncoes course became mandatory for promotion?


According to the bluebook the ____ was responsible for serving as the assistant to the regimental adjutant keeping rosters, and handling management and disciplinary matters.

Sergeant Major

Post world war 1 budget reductions and the Great Depression led to irregularities in pay. Often soldiers received what?

half, consumer goods or food

When you revise your paper and ask whether you are trying to argue with the reading analyze the reading evaluate the reading apply the reading to another situation or accomplish another goal you are using which technique?

identify your readers and your purpose

The following example demonstrates what type of outline?


The following example demonstrates what type of outline?


The first part of the enthymeme "If you have a plasma TV"

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