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Which line of SITREP report should contain a list of all operational combat vehicles?

Line 4

Which of the following status levels used on a SITREP report is defined as full strength; 90% or more fit for duty?


In the PQ4R Study Method, one of the four R’s stands for

Read, Recall, Reflect

Which of the following dramatically reduces a reader’s ability to understand what they are reading?

Unknown vocabulary

Which of the following should you do increase your reading rate?

Eliminate bad reading habits

Which of the following statements is true concerning Mild Traumatic Brain Injury?

Soldiers with mTBI will show signs of depression

Which of the following physical characteristics should you look for in a Soldier who is suspect of having PTSD?

Sleep problems, muscle tremors

What should a leader do if a Soldier is suspect of having PTSD?

Let the soldier know going in for treatment doesn’t mean he is weak

Which of the following may designate isolated, missing, detained, or captured (IMDC) personnel?

Secretary of Defense; POTUS

Of the four steps in the Army PR system, which step encompasses the activities of developing guidance for, providing appropriate equipment to, and the education and training of commanders, staffs, forces, and potential IMDC personnel?


Which of the following is performed during the report phase of the PR execution?

Start the PR incident folder

Colonial America adopted whose NCO traditions?

The French

Which of the following wars had a greater impact upon the NCO’s role and status than any previous conflict in American history?


When searching captured and detained personnel, who on the search team provides the lead during the search?


What is the last step of the actual search when performing a search on a captured detainee?

Search from their knee to their foot

Which of the following should you expect while guarding detainees?

Expect them to harm or harass their captors

You are supervising detainee operations and have just disarmed and secured the detainees, what should be done next?

Organize your Soldiers and prepare for field processing of the detainees

In the five step composite risk management process what should be done immediately after you assess the hazards determine the risk?

Develop controls and make risk decisions

Which of the following is a correct guiding principle is of Composite Risk Management?

Integrate CRM into mission, planning, preparation, and execution

In step three of the five step composite risk management process, you will develop one or more controls that either eliminate the hazard or reduce the risk of a hazardous incident occurring. What type of controls take the form of barriers and guards or signs to warn individuals, units, or organizations that a hazard exists?

Physical controls

Which of the following can be a cause of fratricide?

Failures in the direct fire control plan

What is one if the effects of fratricide?

Increased self-doubt amongst leaders

Which of the following is an Army writing standard?

Effective Army writing is generally free of errors in grammar, mechanics, and usage

Passive voice hides the doer of the action, blocking communication

Passive voice hides the doer of the action, blocking communication

Which of the following is a correct rule for constructing military correspondence?

No longer than one page memorandums, put the main point up front, write in the active voice, use short words, keep sentences short, avoid jargon, use personal pronouns, use one page for most correspondence, avoid sentences that begin with "It is", "There are", or "There is", use correct spelling, grammar and punctuation

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