SSD II Module 3 Exam

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What are the two main section of the SIR?

The reporting of terrorist activities falls under which reportable serious incident category?


The reporting of incidents involving material damage that seriously degrades unit operational or training readiness falls under which reportable serious incident category?

How many digits does the SIR number always contain?


The reporting of incidents involving the wrongful possession, manufacture, or distribution of controlled substances, including narcotics, drugs, or marijuana, in the quantities of 100 grams or more (except for LSD, which is 6 grams or more) falls under which reportable serious incident category?


what are the three types of serious incident reports (SIR)?

Add-on, Correction, Original Submission

The reporting of war crimes falls under which reportable serious incident category?

What term describe the systematic increase in the intensity or duration of PRT activities?


Which of the following choices are gradually increased to produce the desired physiological effect?

Exercise Volume, Duration, and intensity

Which of the following choices represent Army principles of training?

Progression in strength can be achieved by increasing which of the following choices for each exercise when using strength training equipment?

Which of the following choices is defined as a dynamic warm-up consisting of 10 exercises that appropriately prepare Soldiers for more intense PRT activities?

Preparation Drill (PD)

Who serves as the primary trainer for enlisted Soldiers, crews, and small teams?


How often should strength and mobility training be conducted?

Every other day

Who assists the OIC and safety officer by performing duties (for example, supervising enlisted personnel supporting the LFX) as required?


Which of the following assists firers with weapon-related problems and ensures that all firers observe safety regulations and procedures?

Which of the following choices are responsible for repairing rifles and replacing parts, as required?

Unit Armorer

Which of the following choices is a responsibility of the unit ammunition detail?

Ensure ammunition is broken down properly

Which of the following choices best predicts combat resiliency?

Which of the following choices coordinates, supervises, and provides the primary combat operations stress control (COSC) functions for the BCT through vigorous prevention, consultation, training, education, and Soldier restoration programs?

Which of the following choices provide professional ministry support to leaders in fulfilling their combat and operational stress identification and intervention responsibilities?

Unit Ministry Team (UMT)

Commanders are required to take which of the following steps once a decision is made to request a routine/nonemergency CDE?

Notify the UMT

Which of the following is an example of an operational stressor?

Prolonged exposure to extreme geographical environments such as desert or arctic cold

Which of the following choices exemplify mild stress reactions of a physical nature?

Jumpiness, Cold Sweat

Which of the following choices occur when you combine stressors with effective leadership and strong peer relationships to enhance individual and unit performances?

Which of the following choices is a form of Combat and Operational Stress Reaction (COSR) and most likely to occur in poorly trained undisciplined units?

Misconduct stress behavior

Which of the following choices is defined as a psychiatric illness that can occur following a traumatic event (such as combat exposure) in which there was a threat of injury or death to you or someone else?

Post-traumatic stress disorder

Which of the following assets are generally available to the leadership in tactical environments?

All applies

Which of the following choices may prevent the individual from performing their duties or create a concern for personal safety or the safety of others?

Severe stress reactions

______ ends when the organization is again prepared to conduct collective training and operations.

Which of the following choices comprise training domains?

The Troop Leading Procedures (TLP) consist of how many steps?


Training to reach an accepted proficiency level is a tenet of which principle of training?

Train to standard

Unit training involves how many principles?


Which principle of training focuses on individual and small-unit skills?

Train fundamentals first

Which of the following choices are involved with recovery operations?

Dedicated, Self, and Like

Which core maintenance process specifies maintenance actions in accordance with the designer and engineer specifications?

Equipment services

Which recovery operations requires operators/crews to use their basic issue items (BII), an additional list (AAL), or on-vehicle equipment (OVE) items?

Which level of maintenance involves on-system maintenance, repair and return to the user, including maintenance actions performed by operators?

Field Maintenance

Which recovery operation requires assistance from vehicle specifically for recovery operations?

Which recovery operation involves assistance from a second similar or heavier class vehicle?

The reporting of racially or ethically motivated criminal acts falls under which reportable serious incident category?


Which regulation defines the occurrence of an action or situation as a serious incident that may have important or dangerous results?

AR 190-45

Which regulation prescribe the policy and procedures for the conduct of the Army Physical Fitness Training Program and applies to all Soldiers, functional branches, units and operating agencies?

AR 350-58

PRT activity tasks, conditions, and standards are derived from which of the following?

WTBD, C-METL, Mission analysis of the physical demands of unit missions.

How often should endurance and mobility training (running) be conducted?

Every other day

Who conducts a safety orientation before each scheduled live-firing exercise (LFX)?

Range Safety Officer

Which of the following choices exemplify mild emotional stress reactions?

Anxiety, Nightmares

In which of the following situations is it proper to refer a Soldier for a Commander Directed Evaluation (CDE)?

If the Soldier has a severe mental or substance use disorder

Which of the following choices refer to positive outcomes that result from stress exposure and traumatic experience that include improved relationships, renewed hope for life, an improved appreciation of life, an enhanced sense of personal strength, and spiritual development?

Post-traumatic growth

Which principle of unit training focuses on those tasks most essential to mission accomplishment?

Train to develop adaptability

Who ensures that their Soldier’s demonstrate proficiency in their individual military occupational specialty (commonly known as MOS) skills, warrior tasks, and battle drills?


Which core maintenance process uses operator and maintenance personnel to restore an equipment item to full functionality as originally designed or engineered?

Fault repair

Which core maintenance process involves problems that degrade equipment before they become catastrophic?

Performance observation

Which core maintenance process assures high quality and establishes a predictable service life using the best technical standard?

single-standard repair

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