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Which of the following choices is defined as the practice of attributing specific personality or demographic characteristic to every person of a particular group?


The cultural savvy Soldier will always take a cultural ReALLIT check to obtain a basic lay of the social situation. What does ‘ReALLIT’ stand for?

Read, ask, look, listen, investigate, think

Which of the following choices is defined as the feelings of alienation, hostility, heightened ethnocentrism, sense of loss, depression, and/or self-doubt that may result from immersion in a new culture?

Culture Shock

What is defined as military action involving the use of electromagnetic spectrum or to attack the enemy?

Electronic Warfare

Which of the following choices is a division of electronic warfare involving actions taken to protect personnel, facilities, and equipment from any effects of friendly or enemy use of the electromagnetic spectrum and which may degrade, neutralize, or destroy friendly combat capability?

Electronic Protection

_____ is the intentional radiation designed to be introduced into the devices or systems of potential enemies for the purpose of learning the functions and operational capabilities of the devices or systems.

Electronic probing

What does CCIR stand for?

Commander’s critical information requirements

Which of the following signs will detainees identify and exploit in guards?

Complacency, boredom, fatigue

After accepting a mission, what is the first thing you should do?

Confirm Mission Specifics

What is the primary determinant of human behavior, ideas and emotions that must be understood in the context of the whole culture in which they occur?


_____ is the deliberate radiation, reradiation, alteration, suppression, absorption, denial, enhancement, or reflection, of electromagnetic energy in a manner intended to convey misleading information to an enemy, or the enemy’s electromagnetic-dependent weapons, thereby degrading or neutralizing the enemy combat capability.

Electronic Deception

_____ is the intentional insertion in any manner of electromagnetic energy into transmission paths with the objective of deceiving operators or of causing confusion.

electronic intrusion

Which of the following choices is a division of electronic warfare involving the use of electromagnetic energy, directed energy, or anti-radiation weapons to attack personnel, facilities, or equipment with the intent of degrading, neutralizing, or destroying enemy combat capability?

Electronic attack

What are the follow-on tasks that leaders should accomplish in supervising detainees transport missions?

vigilant, Communications, prepare

How many performance steps are involved in the process of completing a detainee escort mission?


Which of the additional COIN imperatives require subordinate leaders at all echelons to exercise disciplined initiative and judgment within the commander’s intent to accomplish mission?

Empower the lowest level

What are the three subtopics of legitimacy in government?

Which of the additional Coin imperatives call for a careful calculation of the type and amount of force applied?

Appropriate level of force

Which of the following is a root cause of an insurgency?


While interacting with the media, you must be careful to not discuss things that would violate the rules of operations security (OPSEC). Which of the following are examples of items you should not discuss?

Planned operations, detailed troop strength

Which of the following statements is one of your rights as a Soldier when you interact with the media?

You control the length of the interview

Prior to a tactical operation, you are giving an interview to a reporter when he asks about a vehicle accident he saw earlier in the afternoon in another part of your base camp that did not involve you or your unit in any way. You have no direct knowledge about the circumstances of the accident. How should you respond to his question?

I don’t have any direct knowledge about the accident, so I can’t discuss it or answer your question.

Which of the following choices do mission orders accomplish?

Describes the operation’s objective and end state (desired conditions)

Which of the following choices comprise a directive issued by a commander to subordinate commanders for the purpose of effecting the coordinated execution of an operation (JP 5-0)?


Which of the following choices comprise a plan prepared by a supporting commander, a subordinate commander, or an agency to satisfy the requests or requirements of the supported commander’s plan (JP 5-0)

Supporting plan

Which of the following choices comprise part of the mission order format?

Mission, sustainment, Command and signal

Which agency is the primary agency for crises management when it comes to responding to terrorist incidents within the United States and its maritime areas?


Which of the following will be submitted when a terrorist incident or suspected terrorist incident occurs involving Army personnel (Soldiers, Civilian employees, or their Family members), facilities, civil works and like projects, or other assets?


When it comes to analyzing organizations, what must commanders consider in terms of mission?

Their knowledge of how the activities of different organization may affect military operations

Which of the following best describes a very large, complex municipality that may be composed of multiple urban areas that have grown together?


Which of the following is the primary agency for coordinating federal consequence management (providing support to victims and damaged facilities from terrorist attacks) within the continental United States (CONUS)?


Which of the following choices are major areas of concern when conducting a reconnaissance?

Food and water, Location of Friendly units, type of terrain

Which COIN paradox calls for an alternative to be considered if an assessment of the effects of a course of action determines that more negative than positive effects may result?

no nothing

Which leadership tenet calls for leaders to recognize the dynamic context of a tactical situation and apply informed judgement to achieve the commander’s intent in a stressful and ambiguous environment?

adapt to change

When moving detainees by foot, vehicles should be positioned at the rear of the formation to provide which types of support?

Chase/straggler control, medical

Which of the following rules should be used as guides in preparing detainees for movement?

OPSEC Blindfold & no daisy chain unless commanded by higher

Which of the additional COIN imperatives calls for the host nation government and counterinsurgents to create and maintain a realistic set of expectations among the populace, friendly military forces, and the international community?

Manage information and expectations

Which leadership tenet calls for leaders to provide general guidance and assign small-unit leaders authority in proportion with their responsibilities?

determine the purpose of operations

What actions are applicable when you interact with the media and conduct an interview?

Answer one question at a time when you ave multiple questions

Effective plans and orders foster mission command by doing which of the following?

-Assigning tasks to subordinate units and stating the purpose for conducting the task -Conveying the commander’s intent and concept of operations -Directing preparation activities and establishing times or conditions for execution

Which of the following choices comprise a communication that conveys instructions from a superior to a subordinate?


Locating military forces and vital military capabilities in urban areas to achieve sanctuary from the effects of Army capabilities is a function of the following threat objectives?

negate technology overmatch

"Distribution of responsibility and power at all levels of governance" is the definition of which operational variable?


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